Kristin Cavallari & World Agrees: Good Riddance To ‘The Hills’

“I am so happy it’s over,” Kristin Cavallari told E! at tonight’s finale party for The Hills at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel.

Kristin said her worst moment was when she was accused of being a drug addict. She said MTV made her accuse Stephanie Pratt of spreading the drug rumors even though she knew she didn’t. “Ya gotta make it good television.”

And you know how you make good television? You have to write a script.

Audrina Patridge agreed it was awful dealing with all the rumors about her that weren’t true. “The worst was that I had a sugar daddy and was pregnant with his sugar baby,” she said. “Where do people come up with this stuff?”

Well, they start in a writer’s room where they make up all the ignorant scenarios you and your ‘friends’ find themselves in and then they pay you to say certain lines of dialogue so as to make it appear to be something it’s not.

Thank God this show is finally over. Hopefully the end of this show will be the signal that the rest don’t have much time left. And what better way to celebrate the end than with a musical montage? Watch after the jump!

Check out the whole gang at the finale party, including the always obnoxious Spencer Pratt!