Kristin Cavallari Gets Paid

Using her reality-star power, Kristin Cavallari of “Laguna Beach” is raking in the dough for getting paid to make personal appearances at clubs. Currently, she’s in the midst of negotiations beween Toa Las Vegas and Pure Las Vegas, both of whom are hoping to outbid the other in the hopes of getting to host her 21st birthday. At the moment, $100,000 seems to be the magic number. Additionally, Cavallari is utilizing a sneaky practice at these shindigs, first employed by Jessica Simpson and her manager father, to try and get even more cash out of the situation, according to Page Six:

She has a friend who fronts as a “personal photographer” and gets the “big photos” of her making out with pal Nick Zano. She then sells the images to the tabs, who give her a percentage. The practice “infuriates event organizers who pay her to attend their events because they only get C-rate photos for their use,” a spy said.

Kristin’s people, in turn, claim that Cavallari is simply trying to maintain her privacy. Wow, that’s a really clever little trick to pull. I’m actually kind of impressed that it originated with Creepy Papa Joe and Jess, to be quite honest. I had no idea he actually thought of stuff like that–I just sort of assumed he sat around all day, making uncomfortable comments about her cleavage.


More photos of Kristen getting paid to bowl are after the jump.