Kristin Cavallari Thought She Was Fat On ‘The Hills’

Kristin Cavallari looks back at her time spent on The Hills with perhaps a few regrets, one of them being how she looked. Though we tried and tried to notice a significant difference, Cavallari saw it and spoke to People about her weight struggles. According to the Daily Mail, Cavallari said, “I remember filming The Hills and I saw a photo of myself in a bikini and thought I looked really fat, and I went on a crazy diet. It’s hard when people judge you.”

Though Cavallari didn’t talk about whether or not she’s in a more accepting/healthy place physically and mentally, she did reveal what her exercise routine is like these days. “I worked out with my trainer three times a week then did cardio on the treadmill for 40 mins. But the biggest thing for me was cutting out alcohol; when I’m hungover, I eat whatever I want,” she confessed.

Now engaged to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Cavallari has even more reason to fight the fat. She told People awhile back that she plans to wed Cutler sometime next Spring, and probably relocate to Chicago full-time. Cavs was spotted at a West Hollywood CVS looking to be in great shape, though she confessed that she “gained eight pounds” when first dating Cutler. In all honesty, I thought she looked great on The Hills (and I’m not this chick’s biggest fan).