Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler- Was He Too Controlling?

By now we have all heard the sad news that is the break-up of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. After being engaged for ten months, the couple called it quits amid reports that Kristin had been dumped. Now People is offering us a different take on the break-up. According to a friend of the couple, rumor is that Jay was way too controlling with Kristin.

“Jay Cutler was beyond controlling and didn’t really like Kristin to go out. When she did go out, he called all the time and demanded to know exactly where she was going and who she was with,” the friend told People. “He made her choose between him and being friends with a lot of her girlfriends. I’m not surprised it didn’t last.”

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Quite frankly, that’s a pretty good reason for the break-up. I mean, Kristin claims they were in love at “Hello” so I’m sure it’s gotta take something bigger than a few fights about the mother-in-law to break them up. And if that is true, I kinda feel bad for Kristin. Friends, a relationship where on person controls you and makes you feel inferior is not a healthy relationship. Not!

Kristin seems to be trying to move on successfully. She was just spotted at a Victoria Secret release party lunch and looked quite nice. I don’t even like and I’ll admit she looked good. Guess those 2 pounds she needed to lose really made a difference. Check out the gallery for proof. Also, has anyone noticed that it’s usually football players who date these dumb reality stars? Or really, sports stars in general that date them. Interesting trend, no?