Kristin Cavallari Heads To Practice As New ‘DWTS’ Cast Is Revealed

Are things really that bad that David Arquette has to join Dancing With The StarsCourtney Cox’s estranged husband joins other sad sacks like Chaz Bono, Elisabetta Canalis, Kristin Cavallari, Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian, Carson Kressley, Ron Artest, Chynna Phillips, Nancy Grace, soap star JR Martinez, and soccer player Hope Solo, who will cha-cha in season 13 of the pathetic ABC reality competition, according to Us Weekly.

The name weres announced during tonight’s episode of the even sadder series, Bachelor Pad.  We get why Cavallari, Lake,  Kardashian, Bono and Phillips are doing this.  Nancy Grace, you are a former prosecutor.  YOU are better than this.  Ooof, Canalis.  At least George Clooney’s other ex, Sarah Larson, dipped beneath the radar after she and Clooney parted ways.  You’re just trying to stay in the spotlight a little longer, arentcha?

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Kressley will be fun.  He’s just a little bedazzled firecracker.  I suppose Artest needs something to do, given the NBA lockout, and it’s convenient that DWTS tapes in LA.  I guess.

What do you think of this new batch of has-beens/never weres?