Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler’s Charitable Kenya Trip

Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler recently traveled to Kenya with the charity One Kid One World to rebuild schools, provide supplies and put children in touch with Los Angeles students through a pen-pal program. The Daily Mail reports that Cavallari took time to talk to students during the trip, and received tokens of appreciation from members of a Kenyan tribe.  And she did it all without a stitch of makeup.

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Cavallari and Cutler met last August and have been going strong ever since.  The Hills troublemaker has been spending more time in Chicago latey, where a lot of her of family is located.  Cavallari once told People, “‘My mom and that whole side of the family is there. And Jay is there. It’s nice to be able to hang out with my mom, and, you know, I’m in love and it’s been great.”