Kristen Stewart Was Not All Over Russell Brand Last Saturday Night

June 19th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Whew. That rumor kind of grossed me out. A story out this week claims that Kristen Stewart “couldn’t keep her hands” off Russell Brand during a visit to L.A. club MyHouse last Saturday night. One clubgoer who was sitting with Russell at MyHouse during the night in question told OK! that this story is “completely false.” Plus, Kristen wasn’t even at MyHouse at any point during the weekend.

“Russell was there,” says the source. “But he was talking to John Mayer a lot of the night. I’m not sure where the confusion even came from — John certainly doesn’t look like Kristen.”

MyHouse co-owner Tony Daly gave OK this statement: “There were several celebrities at MyHouse that night, but Kristen Stewart was definitely not one of them. She’s 19 and we have to turn away under 21-year-old celebrities all the time, painfully so, but we look forward to having Kristen at MyHouse, ‘sipping on vodka,’ when she turns 21.”

Wow. A responsible club owner.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. maTT

    Goddamn!I wanna fuck her so bad…

  2. abby

    Too bad she wasn’t out having fun. Rob and Kristen are dating??? Maybe someone should tell him. Looks like he’s hot for his newest co star. Kristen deserves sooo much better than a player like Rob.

  3. kk

    why would she ?? That guy is gross…
    @ maTT : get the hell away fr kristen… you sick bastard!
    @abby : if rob is such a playboy, jerk, kristen will drop him … anyway, im hoping he is not ..

  4. edduardo

    C´mon Matt, Kristen deserves more respect! She is a good girl and too young. Keep that kind of comments for you! I love this girl!

  5. Nicky

    Kristen is 19 so legally she’s aloud to have sex. Besides, hasn’t she been with her boyfriend for 5 years or something? I’d say in that time they had sex once or twice. She doesn’t look like the type of girl who’s saving herself for marriage.

  6. maTT

    Oh, come on! She´s not “too young”, she´s just ripe! And she´s a pot head.She´s probably great in the sack…

  7. Bite me

    She´s what, 19?Fair game.I´d fuck her senseless…

  8. Emelia

    I love Russell!!!I hope the next time I see him to get more of him than just a kiss on the lips when I met him in NY.He is so friendly and sexy and he smells so damn good..!!!

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