Kristen Stewart: ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Premiere

June 24th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Kristen Stewart
hit the red carpet of the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere at the Nokia Theater wearing Elie Saab.  Stewart pulled off the white one-shoulder mini very well, as it was an age-appropriate ensemble.  Of course, we Bella + Edward fans would like to imagine she wore white in honor of the Swan/Cullen nuptials. Buuuuut we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  Stewart was the victim of an accidental sharpie attack from a fan, but took it like a champ and made a swift recovery.

What’s the verdict, gang? Do we like the dress?  How about RPatz?  Burgundy Gucci, eh?  He looked downright adorable and red carpet-ready.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens nationwide June 30th.

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. PT

    I love the dress. It’s so butt ugly as to be hilarious. So bad on so many levels, the blousey fit due to the missing arm, the furry look (in summer, no less.) The boring cut of the skirt to emphasize those young, but stick thin, legs.

  2. Kay

    PT your jealousy and pettyness is showing. I love Elie Saab and loved the different silhouette on her, something different, not strapless but still a mini to show offer her legs. She definitely has a minimalist, “Aniston” taste in fashion which is how I am so I usually agree with what she chooses. I did NOT like that Marchesa on her in Rome. It was too much. The only gripe I have is the FIT and those shoes looked beyond uncomfortable, the pitch put too much strain on the ball of her foot and the hell was so skinny. Tara: you’re a stylist, it’s a travesty to let your client wear an ill-fitting garment. If this was The Apprentice; Fashion Edition you’d be fired as this isn’t the first time. Otherwise Kristen looked radiant, confident and so happy to be by Rob’s side. They are together and have been for some time, so anyone who can’t see that and accept it needs their head examined.

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