Kristen Stewart Talks About Difficulty With ‘Twilight’ Promotion

After a long weekend of promoting her two films at Sundance, The Runaways and Welcome To The Rileys, Kristen Stewart arrived back in Los Angeles yesterday.  She must be relieved to be back after the all the red carpets and interviews.

Stewart, who has the reputation for being uncomfortable and awkward during interviews, tried to find a way to talk about the movies feels she “really, really, really” likes. 

“Talking about films that you really care about is, like, is like the hardest thing for me to do, especially to people that I don’t know.” Which unfortunately is probably every reporter.

It would seem that being one of the centerpieces for a Hollywood sensation such as Twilight would mean fitting into the role of media darling, but Stewart says she was was in the middle of filming the dark and edgy Rileys in New Orleans when she had two weeks to promote the first Twilight movie.  “It was hard to turn on the Twilight stuff…I was doing a movie.” She still describes her energy as “twitchy”, but If you watch her Access Hollywood interview with Dakota Fanning at the festival you’ll see her 180 as she does most of the talking about The Runaways.

“There are a lot of people who are like ‘Wow, you have just turned a new leaf…’You can really express yourself very, very eloquently when you care to’, and ‘Oh! You smile sometimes!’ And it’s like: I was doing a movie! I shouldn’t have been where I was! I should have been in New Orleans.  That’s why I was so inept. I mean, like, that’s why. Because I shouldn’t have been there.” 

Well, shoulda woulda, Kristen we are glad to have you where ever you are.