Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattison Holding Hands, Boyfriend Michael Angarano In Hiding

April 22nd, 2009 // 41 Comments

Oh dear. Is the New Moon Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance a studio fabrication? No, Hollywood would never pull one over on us. Ted Casablanca is reporting that the costars were grocery shopping over the weekend when a fellow shopper noticed the duo “holding hands” as they walked around inside.

The pair supposedly even stopped to “giggle” at the current tabloids with their hot little mugs plastered all over ‘em. Robsten quickly turned incognito when they noticed people staring, and all of a sudden kept their hands to themselves.

I wonder how Michael Angarano (Jack’s son on Will & Grace), Kristen’s boyfriend, feels about this. Lainey Gossip reports that Kristen was reprimanded by the studio (Summit) for photos that surfaced of her with her boyfriend Michael Angarano in Vancouver a few weeks ago. The studio has stressed that they’d actually prefer that he not come ’round at all.

Aww. Let’s all give Michael a virtual hug. Bad Summit!

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano at the vet and a Hollywood party

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jenna

    Why is it that everyone seems to be so desperate for them to be together?! I think that “sighting” is complete bs.

  2. Cara

    Anyone who believes Lainey’s story is daft in the head, seeing as she’s not only changed it several times already, but she’s been caught flat out lying. Poor Lainey–scooped in her own city and now trying to save face. Fact is, Kristen and Michael have broken up and THAT’S why he’s not around.

  3. oatygood

    Are celebuzz working with Summit and Lainey now. You are losing any credibility you had. Of course Rob and Kristen are together.

  4. erin

    Kristen and Michael havent been together in a long time. Fans need to rejoice Rob and Kristen are together.

  5. emh

    I don’t know…I think the whole idea is to keep the entire twilight thing in the spotlight…those little tweens are going nuts over the fact that the two leads could possibly end up together. I just don’t see it…but hey, who knows!

  6. Ana

    A friend of mine recently found a photo of Rob in an album belonging to Ben Coles on facebook tagged under a different name. First she thought it was Rob’s secret account but someone else told her it’s actually his girlfriend. Wonder what she thinks about this kristen bs?

  7. Harper

    People I mean honestly wat is up with everyone triying to get them together?! Does anyone ever think they could be just FRIENDS?! I mean yeh, its a little weird that they are holding hands…..but still they could Best Friends. And maybe Michael is just doin a movie or is ticked about the rumors!


  8. Shal

    These two are epic! Kstew should have left her bf along time ago. Rob and kris seem perfect for each other and not cause they play edward and bella!

  9. Alice

    If they were holding hands, they were probably ‘in character.’ Come on people they are actors, hello, McFly?!

  10. romy

    I don’t by it that M and kstew have broken up since they were seen together very recently…I agree with some you that this is complete bs.

  11. trish

    Probably means absolutely nothing , but these two together are fascinating.

  12. sherry

    You people r so f n funny! 1st of all im pretty sure its no ones bzness whos with who!2nd she was holdig hands with jackson the one who plays jasper 4 her bday so im guessing she holds whos ever hand she wants! As 4 her man i bet he knows her n trust her we dnt know whats going on when has a rumor been 4 real! come on people dnt jump the gun!

  13. JK

    BULLCRUD…. Kristen’s clearly a touchy feely girl..she’s held hands with everyone on set.(and for me to defend her is saying something cause I hate her ‘tude)She’s held hands/arms with Jackson, Taylor, Nikki, prob Kellen and why not Rob. I mean they are all close friends working together in a strange city. They only have each other to trust and depend on. The real deal is the guy who ISN’T in the movie (AHEM- Michael) who comes to Vancouver and holds her hand. I don’t think she ever broke up with him… I think she said she was single to avoid talking about her love life to people who should mind their own business.
    I seriously don’t get the obsession about getting co-stars to date. They have to work closely with each other for 3-4 more years….if they did date/break up…imagine the tension that would cause. I think they are both too professional and smart to head down that path. At least with Nikki(if rumors are true) -it’s not a love interest relationship that they would have to pull off, and she’s less prom. in the movie.

  14. adelaide

    that is true the fans should be happy dat their together now a.k.a (if its true).any way it does not mean that if michael is away they broken up .rob and kristen freindship is very close .and summit did a good thing cuz kristen needs some space away from her bf goin were’v she goes if it was me i probaly get annoyed any way hope it works out .is it true (kristen and nikki were competing for rob’s attention any way. cant blame them rob is sizzilin i will do watever to meet him he is so hot gorgeous)

  15. adelaide

    hello we should keep out of ppepz bussiness they might be “holding hands” in character or because they are just real close friends .but i do wish they will be a couple.

  16. Amelia

    Rob and Kristen have made Twilight into a modern coming of age lovestory because of their
    good chemistry together on screen. Their movie scenes are so intense that you could sense a mutual attraction for each other with their glances and body language. The time they spent to make this movie must have developed into something good. It’s hard to be in this situation but still honesty is the best policy when it comes to matters of the heart.

  17. Wen

    Yes, these two have made this movie a big deal… However, I really do not think that they are dating. I believe that Summit is pushing it to keep people into the “twilight saga.”
    I think that it is all getting stupid and crazy. I am a big fan but i am starting to say who cares because it is just so much crap now.

  18. whatever

    that story is total crap. michael was around ALL during the twilight filming and promotion. why wouldn’t he be allowed to be around now? kristen doesn’t WANT him around because she seeing robert, that’s why. you’re stupid for repeating lainey (sell out) gossip bullsh*t. she’s a moron.

  19. moe

    Doesn’t these mags have anything better to do then ruin peoples lives? Why can’t they just give these two a break while they do their job! I’m am a fan of the Twilight Saga,BUT,come on already enough is enough!

  20. mona


  21. Jae

    If Rob and Kristen are together, good for them! It’s about time… They look great together and I just don’t think they can have such intense chemistry on screen, unless there are some real feelings behind that. You can see the bond they share. Rob and Kristen are young, they should be having fun- totally crazy for Kristen to be in a 4 year relationship with Michael. It’s time to move on girl…

  22. LoveThatDoll

    I don’t know about the holding hands thing, or them being together, but I do know that Michael disappeared from Vancouver right before Kristen’s birthday. In fact he wasn’t even there for the party they had for her that night, she went into the restaurant holding hands with Jackson Rathbone.

  23. SomeOne

    yee i there togther im so frickin happy. its about time to dump that dude michael after like 4 years or sumthing. BTW I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU PEOPLE .

  24. addy

    OK say that kristen and Rob get together but then brake up. that would kill the movie. They are probably just holding hands just to tees those darn reporters that keep on putting out rumors about them.

  25. hande

    i think there isnt anything between them…in ET he said that they werent going out and i think hes telling the truth cuz he usually does…BUT I REALLY WISH THEY DID…put there really perfect for each other…but i really doubt that she’ll split up with Michael…and there might be something going on with robert and nikki too??cuz they didnt really deny it did they…….but hopefully in the end they’ll end up together i mean theres still time for breaking dawn and the chemistry between bella and edward is gonna get stronger so why shouldnt it be like in real life…even now the way they look at each other is like there in deeply in love..just they dont know it=((

  26. Amelia

    Rob feels something for Kris that’s why he tried to
    protect her from the pappz If Mick’s truly loves Kris he should set her free if her feelings have changed. Perhaps it’s for his own good that she realized she’s not into him. You both deserve to be happy and constructive in your carreer. Glad that Rob gave Kris a guitar for her birthday. Now they (she) can learn to play beautiful music together.

  27. Krusheeta

    Wow… I thought this kind of thing was for the two people IN the relationship to decide…? I guess not, because most, if not all, of hollywood and the internet seems to think they can decide that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are dating. I’ve got news for you guys – Kristen Stewart HAS A BOYFRIEND! And, even if they are dating each other – it’s none of our business. Gosh, I don’t see your relationships (real or otherwise) being publicized, and there is no need to publicize Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s, either. Just thought I’d put my two cents in.

  28. Amelia

    Before Twilight became a movie, i never knew who
    Rob/Kristen were. Their chemistry on screen is
    undeniably believable. Kudos to Director Catherine. She made this fantasy all too real. I don’t want to end it.

  29. jelly

    i think that rob and kris could be one of the best couples in hollywood maybee they are goin out hopefully they aree plus OMGOSH rob patzz is a hot as hell lolsz who wouldnt wanna go out wit him ! but any way i think kristen should really move on from mikee i mean dude ! 4 years thats too much ! but maybee robsten is actually tru ther jus tryin to put it on the down low

  30. jelly

    yeahh maybee these two are goin out all i noe is dat he was goin out wit nikki and broke up wit her because he liks kristen well thats wut i read from a mag but if they are goin out yayy for them !! robsten could be one of the hottest couples in hollywood and for all those people that dont want them to be together well get use to it cuz they are and watch them come out in a mag in lik a week or 2 lmaoo robsten oficially

  31. applepie

    kristen and michael have been going out for a long time-they obviously have a strong connection. then she meets this gorgeous/amazing guy-rob. they become good friends and she gets to kiss him and act like a couple on set. but in reality, she probably only likes him as a friend. so if you ask me, she has it all. a good bf and a really hot goegeous costar.

    oh btw, i think she’s awesome.
    she comes to the mtv movie awards in converse and drops her award.

    i think thats like, the coolest thing ever.

    go kristen.

    and rob is so humble and funny.
    when him and cam won the best fight scene, rob gave all the credit to his stunt double…and he even said his full name.

    these arent your every day celebs

    theyre unique and beautiful and awkward and AMAZING.

    that is all.

  32. meli

    am not sure if rob and kris are together or not me and my friend see all these rumors i would LOVE for KRIS AND ROB TO BE TOGETHER but i agree with jk if rob and kris got together and broke up it would be back for the movies to come but they look good together i also agree with amelia if michael truly truly love kris if she likes robert he should let her go no matter how hard it iz BUT ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS WITH HTERE LOVE LOIF EVEN IF WE WANT THEM 2 B 2GETHER ITS THEIR LIFE AND THEIR CHOICE

  33. meli

    am not sure if rob and kris are together or not me and my friend see all these rumors i would LOVE for KRIS AND ROB TO BE TOGETHER but i agree with jk if rob and kris got together and broke up it would be back for the movies to come but they look good together i also agree with amelia if michael truly truly love kris if she likes robert he should let her go no matter how hard it iz BUT ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS WITH HTERE LOVE LOIF EVEN IF WE WANT THEM 2 B 2GETHER ITS THEIR LIFE AND THEIR CHOICE

  34. tsoknat

    where’s the evidence? all i see are pics of kristen and michael holding hands.

  35. jen

    Kristen and Michael were just spotted together in Vancouver not too long ago, happy as ever! Why are people believing that they broke up?!?! This is all made up stories by the fans who wish to see her with Robert

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  39. rncrnp

    remove this f—— blog already its over a year old. get michael the hell out of these blogs. kris and rob have been together from the beginning. remove it now!!!!

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