Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner At Comic-Con

So, the stars of New Moon have arrived for their press conference at Comic-Con in San Diego and Celebuzz is updating its Twitter page in order to provide fans with up-to-the-minute coverage of the event.

Before any of the actors took to the stage, Summit Entertainment instructed press not to ask any personal questions. This was definitely wise, given the fact that tabloids are speculating the Kristen Stewart is using this opportunity for a romantic reunion with Robert Pattinson.

As for Stewart, she is dressed in white and flanked by her two co-stars, Taylor Lautner and RPattz. Kristen, who sported an ultra-messy do, answered the question of how she’d changed since last summer by saying, “I cut my hair off.” She tells the crowd that Bella is manic-depressive, and that the movie is not about discovery of falling in love. Sounds cheery.

As for Robert, he says that filming for New Moon is a completely different mood than the first film and was one of the most relaxing jobs he’s ever done. According to the Twisource Twitter Taylor adds that there will be “double the action.” And as it turns out, both Kristen’s and Taylor’s favorite scene is their “friendship breakup scene.” To this, Rob jokes that it’s his as well. Cute.


FYI: The photo is from last year. We’ll be adding pics as they come in. In the mean time check out Celebuzz for some candids from the event (we’ve posted a few of them here). Also, thanks to Robert Pattinson … Who?, and Thinking of Rob for pics as well.

UPDATE: Robert told press, “Hopefully it will come off as having quite a few more levels than the relationship in Twilight.” Additionally, KStew said, “I always say that it’s a first person narrative. You’re so inside her head. You feel like its happening to you.” Robert confirmed that he will not be contributing to the New Moon soundtrack, effectively wrapping up the press conference.————-All the talking that the stars have been doing for the film appears to have taken a bit of a toll on them. Rob confesses, “I’ve been talking about the script for Eclipse over the past few weeks, and I find myself being argumentative.” Meanwhile, Taylor admits to growing weary of being asked by people if he’ll growl for them.It seems that a reporter managed to squeeze in at least one personal question, which Summit promptly threw out. When asked about “off-screen chemistry” between Stewart and Pattinson, Kristen simply laughed and said, “Are you kidding me?”————–