Kristen Stewart Is Torn Between Two Loves In Real Life Too

Kristen Stewart appeared on the Today show this morning as part of the Twilight blitzkrieg promotion for Eclipse. Seriously, it’s not like people AREN’T going to see it!

Matt Lauer as he made clear yesterday was still perplexed as ever as to why there are millions of screaming fans bowing down to pasty teens and teenage pecs.

“I think you have to be totally abnormal to be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m really used to it. It’s part of my life,'” the very lucky girl said.

However she added, “It’s going to be surreal to have to let it go.” Yet she seemed very excited at the prospect of getting to take on more roles once the Twilight craziness is over. The reluctant teen queen certainly owes her fame to the crazy eternal series, but let’s be honest, she probably would like a more normal life for, you know, a celebrity anyway.

Seems like a Jacob vs. Edward situation. Oh and just in case you hadn’t heard, Eclipse comes out tomorrow for those of you who live in a bomb shelter.

Watch Kristen’s appearance on Today after the jump.

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