Kristen Stewart Is Smokin’

June 6th, 2009 // 8 Comments

This glimpse of Twilight actress Kristen Stewart visiting a production office in North Hollywood reveals that she’s a smoker, in case you didn’t know.

A few other things you might not know about Miss Kristen turned up recently in My Park magazine. According to the piece, the actress wears brown contacts to play the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series.

Her breakout role in Panic Room, playing Jodie Foster‘s daughter, was one in which Hayden Panettiere was originally cast. Ms. Stewart can play the guitar and loves surfing. And I’m sure she likes long walks on the beach because, really, who doesn’t?

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart leaves a studio and smokes a cigarette.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lindz

    do you think maybe she picked up this whole hair-mussing mannerism from being around RPattz so much?

  2. cal

    I love Kristen. Lots of ppl mess with their hair, she doesn’t have picked it up from Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!! She is actually a good role model for girls because she doesnt dress in an inappropriate manner. She looks her age and is hardworking. The girl has worked since she was 10 or something and she’s still grounded and as normal as you can be for a famous actress. Screw the ppl who slate her for smoking. Its a personal choice and who hasn’t done dumb things when you are a teenager. She may or may not choose to give them up but if not its her life. Its not grounds to say she is not a nice or intelligent person.

  3. Wybie

    shes awesome

  4. janey

    She’s a breath of fresh air in messed up LA.

  5. Emmy

    Awwww, she’s not with Rob :( I thought they would be together this weekend. Sad cheese

  6. Dugger


    Way to be her personal cheerleader. She’s got more than a million so stand in line. But to do what she does in public is irresponsible. I assume she may learn right about now or too little too late like Lindsay.

    Good Luck to her on all that.

    I used to root for this site and hope it would become even more popular than dirty PerezHilton. But goodness gracious excuse a person for expressing a truth that is not even slander. No wonder this site is still not hot. Moderation is good, but really take note of the word “moderation”. They overdo it with the comments they want to be shown and those that they want to be taken down. As if that one comment on Kristen was going to ruin her career. All those reportings and what she does in public will be her downfall sure enough if she doesn’t stop.

    There was just one freakin comment about her clumsiness in which I attributed to her abuse of an illegal drug. Wasn’t like she was using it for an illness that’s for sure and yes….it does inhibit your motor skills as I’ve seen some drive after they have done it. It was a comment I made and nothing more. Wasn’t like the comment wasn’t possibly true. I’ve seen other people on here trashed but apparently she’s an untouchable on this site.

    Anyways…whatever man.

  7. Rawalkam

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