Kristen Stewart Is Just A Little ‘Awkward’

Kristen Stewart has been fidgety on talk shows and uncomfortable at award shows, but her Twilight and New Moon co-star (and star of Nurse Jackie), Peter Facinelli  told, “That’s just Kristen. I think she has that shaky knee syndrome and that’s part of her charm.”

“To sweep the awards like that? If that doesn’t build someone’s confidence, I don’t know what can.”

As for Stewart’s sudden rise to fame, “I think being mind-blown about it isn’t the same as being uncomfortable with it. I think she’s got a real charm and grace about her, and I think she really is settling into it. We had a great time filming New Moon and we’re all really excited for the next one – Kristen included.”

I think there are a bizillion fans out there who are really excited for the next one too.

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