Kristen Stewart Is Getting Annoyed

June 11th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Not one to love the attention, Kristen Stewart, along with Dakota Fanning, unfortunately had to stop for some gas. What was waiting for her? A gaggle of paparazzi and onlookers.

The poor thing doesn’t look very pleased. She does manage to crack a smile for the cameras.Her New Moon fans are pretty pleased right now with the release of some never seen before behind the scenes footage from New Moon.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anonymus

    poor girl

  2. KristenRULES!!

    who wouldnt get annoyed when your boo is so far away and you have strange men following your every move, photographing you every second doing every day things

  3. Julie Cao

    poor her…leave her alone!!!…far away from Rob…lots of papas follow everyday…how can she isn’t getting annoyed!!!
    but stronger!!!…plz…we love you!!! be happy!!…WE ARE ALWAYS AFTER YOU!!!

  4. Jacq

    Funny title cause she annoys the crap out of me. I am 30 & not interested in any silly kids movie with cheesy CGI diamonds & vampires. She always looks like hell – she should be embarrassed about dressing like that and NO a raggedy black femullet did not turn her into effing Joan Jett.
    GO AWAY ALREADY! The annoyance is mutual!!!

  5. jj

    God..No wonder shes annoyed.. bad hair cut..constant paps and crazy fangirls like the ones in the 2 middle comments constantly on her case..Love her tho.. and not because shes “with” rob.. here guess wha… shes not bella.. shocker i no.. just BREATHE…

  6. Dani White

    Kristen’s hair looks cool.I wish they show a better picture of it so i could see it proporly.It’s black finally.

  7. aly

    Oh my god, she’s being a normal person! Stupid paps need to get a life. She’s not the only person in the world getting gas.

  8. YEAH

    Poor Kris :S
    she cannot go out with calm…

    Kristen’s look ROCKS!!!!
    great for her new movie “The runaways” :D

  9. pallarinte

    she’s totally bonking dakota.. are you guys blind or what? ^^

  10. Saurooon

    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  11. Hayley

    I sincerely hope she can break away from the stupid twilight universe and go back to making decent movies.
    Fingers crossed the “fans” don’t kill her first.

  12. Lynne

    In reply to “Jacq”, you know for someone who is so annoyed by Kristen AND is not interested in any silly kids movie with cheesy CGI diamonds & vampires you seem to know so much about her AND you take the time read articles about her. Me thinks you protest too much or is the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head.

    If you have no interest in her why bother. You seem to be an unhappy person. That’s Sad.

  13. Amanda

    Fuck her. She’s not good enough as an actress to be such a bitch all the time. And she looks like shit.

  14. Taylor

    Im just curious as to why the law of ‘stalking’ doesn’t apply to celebrities? What makes them so special? Yes sure they’ve been in movies and their possibly singers, but their not any less human than we are. Give her a break she went to get gas. God forbid that Kristan Stewart should get frusterated with the stalkers that are constantly watching her!

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