Kristen Stewart In ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’

It’s easy to forget that actress Kristen Stewart has other interests outside of playing on-screen vampire bait in Twilight and the sequel, New Moon.

But these stills from her latest independent film, The Yellow Handkerchief, show Kristen exercising her acting muscle in a film co-starring William Hurt, Mario Bello and Eddie Redmayne. The film focuses on three strangers taking a road trip through Louisiana, after the state had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t Kristen’s most high-profile role as Bella Swan that first attracted the attention of the film’s producer, Arthur Cohn. Cohn confesses to People magazine, “It was Jodie Foster, whom I respect and admire, who wholeheartedly recommended Kristen and has always considered her a truly excellent young actress.”

She’s certainly going to take a bite out of this role. Sorry, I’m still trying to learn how to talk about her without using vampire puns. It will take a few years…

Watch the trailer for The Yellow Handkerchief after the jump.

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