Kristen Stewart Even Works On Saturdays

June 13th, 2009 // 36 Comments

What a trooper. Kristen Stewart (joined by Dakota Fanning) is seen here going into Leonetti company for a photo shoot. The poor girl has been working tirelessly for the last couple of weeks. From hitting the studio on numerous occasions for her upcoming film The Runaways in which she plays Joan Jett, to sneaking a smoke break, to gassing up her car, and participating in fashion photo shoots.

This is all just after appearing at the MTV Movie Awards and wrapping up New Moon shooting in Rome.

I’m tired just recapping it all, I can only imagine how exhausted she must be.

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning arriving at a photoshoot.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bam

    She’s always looking stoned. I hope after Breaking Dawn she just dissapears.

  2. kate

    shes got really deep dark circles under her eyes. stoned.

  3. mel

    Bam..I bet you make it a habit to go to every website you can find Kristen on just to trash her..grow up and smoke one yourself…you’ll feel!

  4. wtf

    She’s beautiful..if you worked like this girl worked you’d have circles under your eyes too..stoned I doubt that..going to the studio and a photo shoot to work stupids…I guess that’s why she’s in such high demand..yea right..can we say jealous fan wish you had this girls talent and looks.

  5. dope

    this girl is so overrated. so monotone in twilight. fidgeting and the same mannerisms in all her movies.

  6. ha ha

    I’d be willing to bet she has allergies..thats why her eyes are dark under them sometimes..get a little rest..take some all. meds…she’ll be fine..she works to you k…

  7. kat

    She looks gorgeous to me. I love her so much.

  8. Aliza

    Biggest Stoner of the year goes to K-Stew… Talentless druggy

  9. sheenspr

    Baby girl is looking gorgeous. I love it!!!!!!!

  10. Anna

    She look cute, love her!!!

  11. Chgo fan

    She looks good and gorgeous today she must be reading the post she has her hair up and she has a nice stripe top today. If you have been working non stop since March i bet you would look worst than her. She looks tired and exhausted, she does not look stoned. If she is stoned do you think she’ll be able to keep up with this demanding schedule. It has never been proven that she has done weed unlike Michael Phelps or drunk like Lindsay L.who had to go to rehab. Kristen even said on one of her interviews that she gets up at 6 in the morning. Finally all her co-stars have only given her positive praises about her work. So before bashing her check your facts first, cause non of us know what she is personally. Unlike a lot of some 19 year old teenagers she is busy earning a living. The only thing we are positive is she smokes, but i guess being in this chaotic schedule and situation it would make you want to smoke not that i’m saying it’s an excuse to smoke.

  12. Anonymous

    I love her

  13. Chgo fan

    I meant that the only POSITIVE FACT or true is that she smokes cigarettes.

  14. Chgo fan

    I meant the only POSITIVE FACT or truth we know is that she smokes cigarettes.

  15. sara

    she looks great, love her and am so happy she gets to kiss girls in this movie, i wish it was me ,

  16. chris

    Why does she always have to look stoned? Why can’t she just be tired? We’ve seen her all week working hard and of course the dark circles means she’s stoned….WHATEVER!

    P.S. Get some sleep Kstew.

  17. evalynn

    she still looks gorgeous!
    can’t wait to see her in the runaways!!

  18. KristenRULES!!

    they have to rush the film cause Eclipse starts filming in September

  19. d

    just because she doesn’t put tons of make up like the bitches of hollywood, doesn’t mean she’s stoned….

    gosh have u seem those bitches without makeup…

    She has been working hard and she doesnt give a damn about make up! geez

  20. kk

    @bam ; that comment seemed very familiar, I think you written the same damn thing at another site with a different nick.
    I think you are the one who’s prolly stoned out of your head …
    She is not a druggie, stop making her out to be one … the girl obviously worked very hard for a living, she’s very talented and serious about her professional. She’s bloody tired after such a packed work load … she got almost no rest … would you be dead tired … and looked “stoned” as you said … one with less sleep and stressful, everyone looks stressful and hyperactive and “high” …
    STOP YOUR bloody crappy comments …
    she’s will not disappear…so you better make yourself disappeared instead?!

  21. kk

    immature overjealous stupid haters should really stop coming to kristen’s post and make yourself look like stupid fools … it’s so obvious to us normal people you guys are very immature and have absolute nothing great going on with your life … you wish you were her yourself kissing to ROBERT P. and be in movies …
    Grow up …
    STOP your drug/stoned/coked comments, it’s just plain rude and stupid …
    KS worked out … and have little rest …
    dark eye circles/eye bags are her hardwork ..
    (KS : hope she have a good eye cream and get plenty of sleep …)
    i doubt you guys know anything about work ..

  22. wakiz

    hey does anyone know what brand or type are the sunglasses kristen is usig waring etc?? pleease tellme thanks

  23. stelle

    Omg! just leave her alone. With hell with it – I mean even I have bags under my eyes and I’m just a 18 yr old girl who doesn’t smoke (Cigs or drugs), doesn’t like to go to wild parties and drinks only on special occasions. My life is NOWHERE near as stresful as hers.
    I respect her for keeping herself real and not looking like some blonde horribly-fake tanned bitch and she obviously puts effort into her roles as we’ve seen with her new do.

  24. kisara

    I think she’s great… She looks a little bit shy in public …That’s why she acts that way…If she’s stoned who cares i don’t think she does that often.. We know she smokes a lot of cigs but hey thats probably her stress relief …Why don’t you guys try acting and see how it is …You probably say omg see if you make in 8 weeks with every take …Geezzz..

  25. Rose

    Kris looks beautiful with or without makeup.Many couldnt get away with that fact.Kristen is real lucky girl.Adore her

  26. Debbie

    Haters that have commented here: Grow up! Kristen is a beautiful, talented actress and I know she will rock this movie. You go, girl!

  27. tee

    Bcoz she has got really deep dark circles under her eyes means shes stonned haha yous are funny do u even know what a stonner looks like i think i know enough stonners to say that smoking weed dont cause them to have dark circles under their eyes haha its called sleep deprivd i think that would cause dark circles under her eyes especily 2 a 19 year old who is constantly working & anywy who gives a f… if she smokes weed so does snoop dogg go cry over him OMJ thats a big shock snoop dogg smokes drugs arrrhh omg i didnt no coz he dont have dark circles around his eyes !*waves fist being sacrastic

  28. Ks

    First of all idiots do you haters know what a stoned person look like? They have bloodshot eyes not dark black circles. That people is called hard work.get over it everybody smokes cigarettes n everybody smokes weed. FYI she’s the “suffer and silence type” she’s supposed to be monotoned. She just happened to be that type of person. I heart ks!

  29. NuDaFu

    Respectfully, Bam and Kate, there are many states of health that may manifest with dark circles under the eyes. Freedom of speech is nice and all, but being judgemental and negative without a basis or evidence equates fairly much to hurtful ignorance.

    As pointed out by others, Kirsten hasn’t seemed to suffer in performance either (what with the amount of projects she is keeping up with in such a short amount of time). If one knows anything about how recreational drugs affects mental function, one should know it can affect focus, concentration, and performance.

    Anyway, I don’t give a flying monkey is does smoke, did take recreational drugs. Many great historical figures had their share of ‘frowned upon habits’ – it’s their personal life. She is an actress, and I appreciate her for what she does well…acting. Last time I checked, the criteria for being a professional actor/actress DID NOT include being perfect or saintly.

  30. J

    You dont get black under your eyes from being stoned you dumbass, when your tired that happens.
    When your running around all day your going to be tired and want to smoke one!
    So who gives a shit!

  31. FT

    she doesn’t look stoned at all she’s probably really tired because of how hard she’s working which shows how dedicated she is. Kristen is amazing.

  32. IndicaGirl

    Ummmm – can I just put this out there….WHO CARES IF SHE IS STONED?? She’s an adult & able to do what she chooses, she pays her bills, she’s driven around (so she’s no danger to others) and she obviously shows up to work and does a great job due to the amount of praise being piled on her by her counterparts.
    That being said – I think when actors are paid a million dollars to work on a movie for several months and then vacation for a couple afterwards, it not too much to ask for them to show up on a Saturday! She’s no martyr, she’s doing her job. Keep going strong….

  33. nia

    OMG!!!!!!!! please leave her alone!!!!!!! she is an excellent actress, a beatifull hard working girl 19 year old, did any of you saw her other movies…….she always get involte in her rolls, she is a professional.
    And who is not goin to smoke reading all these, plus magazzines, and flashes all over her.
    She is tired!!!! a not like other ones from parting all nigth and drinking, tired from working.
    We love you KS

  34. raccoon

    C’mon guys. Dark circles do not always mean drugs, allergies, exhaustion, etc. She’s pale. Hello! I am very pale, too, with very dark circles. I don’t do drugs or have allergies. It is what it is. I just put on some concealer and get on with my life. I hate to think what people are saying about me regarding something I can’t help. Cut her some slack. She’s pretty enough just as she is.

  35. katrina

    hello to all you haters of kristen stewart shes smokes…so what. you say she does drugs and she is stoned well she ain’t…you are for even thinking it. She is a beautiful, young, awesome, and talented actress who wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning and i bet she doesn’t even get home til’ like 12 in the morning. she does the same thing every day. I went to school every day and i had like 10 subjects a night and i woke up at 6 get dressed to catch my bus… bet i had dark circles under my eyes and on top of that i had at least 4 tests every week and i had to study with 3 sisters yelling all day and night long. I had dark circles under my eyes i’m a spanish/white girl and i’m a 13 year old girl..i dont do drugs and neither does she…and if you still believe she does drugs then go ask her i dare you, cowards. and if you got a problem with it find me and do something about it….i doubt you even will…..e-mail me at if you need to ask me something i am the number 1 twilight saga fan and i know EVERYTHING about the actors and characters….WHAT!!!!

  36. Nicola

    She was fab in Twilight, I am a huge fan of the books and I think she portrayed bella perfectly! I hate drugs and I know she does smoke pot but I doubt very much that she does hard drugs! Come on people did you google her name just so that you could diss her? why? you really need to ask yourseves that because if you came on here just to be horrible about an actress who works hard and plays superb roles, then you are very very sad!

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