Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning Love Scene Rumors

June 23rd, 2009 // 15 Comments

Multiple inside sources claim that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning will soon be shooting an “intense love scene” for the The Runaways.

Stewart’s transformation into teen rocker, Joan Jett, is all but complete as seen here as she arrives on set in a tank, skinny jeans and dark sunglasses. Fanning has been cast as lead singer Cherie Currie.

The lesbian tryst is set in a hotel room and well, we’re still waiting for an explanation of what this is all about.

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart arrives on the set of The Runaways, and Dakota Fanning films.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Robsten

    isnt that illegal? Dakota is still a teen and Kristen is considered an adult, either way its going to be awkward

  2. hate her!

    well krsiten know what she’s doing! DF is still tiny!! hate her!! ugh! love kristen’s looks!

  3. Lauriane

    Hello … !
    How do they get all that photos of Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene ?

  4. celebinvasion

    A love scene with each other???? EWWIE

  5. chris

    ‘ewwie’ what are you 12?

    I think it will be hot. The movie is gonna be bad ass ;)

  6. Cara

    Kristen could you please smile more often.You look beautiful when you smile.Please.

  7. hannah

    fricken rad I can’t wait for this movie. It’s going to be badass. I seriously love kstew. and if they have a love scene that’s totally cool! ya know expand your horizons! hell I wouldn’t mind making out with her! :X

  8. chris

    I’m still a little weird-ed out by that. I remember Kstew saying she was going “cinematically deflower Dakota Fanning. ” HA!

  9. Angela

    Dakota is 15…it would not be hot, it would be sick, and yes, I’m sure illegal. If they do such a scene, I certainly won’t be paying to watch this movie.

  10. pink

    No Angela, it’s not illegal to film a makeout scene with a 15 yr old. Kristen has been doing it since she was 13.

    And really you have to look at this with an open mind. These actresses are playing CHARACTERS. If this love scene happens, it’s only that they are depicting what really happened behind the scenes of The Runaways. Try to look at the movie for what it is.

  11. CW

    I agree it is creepy and I don’t want to see it. It is a standard way Hollywood treats young actresses for men’s approval. Boring and cliched. Too bad that what actresses need to do do gain male approval makes them lose female approval.

  12. mikeD

    Sweet….does that mean Dakota´s gonna rock out with her tits out?

  13. Jonah

    Yesssss. I want to see her tits!

  14. Nat

    all you guys who are hoping to see this well your basicly freaks

  15. maTT

    Yeah, girls! Let´s see how much you both have grown! WE WANT TO SEE SOME SKIN!

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