Kristen Stewart Blacklists AnnaLynne McCord From ‘New Moon’

Forget about fangs – it’s the claws that are coming on the set of Twilight.

Kristen Stewart reportedly “went crazy” when she found out that 90210 hottie AnnaLynne McCord might join her and her and her two boyfriends in the much-talked about sequel, New Moon.  According to a source, the proprietary vampiress was “jealous and annoyed by the attention heaped on AnnaLynne.”

Oh c’mon Kristen – with that natural beauty, you’re gonna be threatened by a classless piece of ass who blows a banana
for attention??  Hmm.  Actually, on second thought: this was a smart
move. You can’t trust American audiences with a suggestive blonde.  I’m
still trying to figure out why the words “Pamela Anderson” and “beautiful” were ever used in the same sentence.

(or unfortunately if you like to be amused), any sort of clawing or
biting between the two alpha females was avoided when AnnaLynne
gracefully bowed out.  And she probably didn’t even show her nipples as she walked out the door.

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