Kristen Stewart Becomes Joan Jett For ‘The Runaways’

June 11th, 2009 // 5 Comments

There was no trace of Bella Swan when Kristen Stewart recently emerged at a studio in North Hollywood. The Twilight actress has transformed with a haircut and dye job into the likeness of rock star Joan Jett.

Stewart signed on to play the music icon in the upcoming biopic The Runaways and was looking the part with her jet-black locks and Revolution Rock t-shirt, cords and Converse sneakers.

Can’t wait to see what measures Dakota Fanning will take to change her look for the film. Rock star makeover time, y’all!

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart arrives at a studio in North Hollywood.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Anonymous

    cool I love you baby

  2. YEAH!!


  3. nicola

    she looks like a vampire.

  4. shardy

    someone PLEASE fire the casting
    agent who decided she would be
    “great” as the iconic Joan Jett

    this Kristen twat is NOTHING like
    Joan Jett when it comes to personality

    if they wanted a actress with some
    edge to play her, they should have
    gotten Kate Moenig for the part

    what’s next…
    Lindsay Lohan as Lita Ford….?
    Miley Cyrus as Sandy West….?
    Beyonce and Cherie Currie….?

    i think NOT.

  5. Gina

    Let’s look past the fact that this movie takes place when the Runaways are just starting out (when Joan was 17 (!!) and Kate Moenning is now 31) it’s called acting for a reason. She’s not playing herself, therefore it stands to be understood that she’s going to have to bring something to table… In essence ACT like Joan and make it believable.
    Let’s give the girl a chance before we condemn her, shall we?

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