Kristen Stewart: 2010 Met Gala

May 3rd, 2010 // 24 Comments

Kristen Stewart attends the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the ‘American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity’ exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 3, 2010 in New York City.

The girl WORKED it! Kristen always looks so much more pretty to me when she’s all dolled up. Not that she doesn’t look cute when she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but the girl can turn on the glam when she wants to.

She got a little racy with the sheer sheath that shows off her legs. Chanel Haute Couture works for Kristen!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nora

    hmmm….it’s too short&she looks uncomfortable…I don’t think the little handbag can hide much! The hair’s not doing it for me either…

  2. nana

    she look great..i love her sooo much what ever she wear..hahaha..but i dont like her hair & that dress soooo ugly..sory chanel!!!!

  3. Jade

    Kristen is such a pretty girl, but at the last few red carpets she’d done she’s chosen a similar severe hairstyle that is not flattering to her face. It pains me to say it, but she looks like Rumer Willis in these pics. And the dress…ugh. Weird, off-balance and basically ugly.

  4. Chanel

    She looks gorgeous! I think she completely pulls off this look. This event is supposed to be about being edgy and taking a risk. She totally pulls it off. She looks amazing.

  5. nyc_xoxo


  6. elen

    what a tragedy!!!

    i’m so disappointed of her…:(

  7. Bridget

    Ugh. This is horrid!! When did Chanel start designing trash bags?
    And when did they let trash wear them?

  8. Vickie

    Hate the dress.
    Hate the hair.
    Hate the pose.
    Hate her.

  9. Yeeesh

    Beautiful face, reaallllyy beautiful eyes, rocking body, but what’s with the hair???? Gaaaahhh ..

  10. honey

    Kristen, women are so envious because you’re beautiful, sweet, adorable..and, above all, one of the most handsome, and sweet guy in the world LOVE YOU TOTALLY…Robert, obviously! But they don’t know know that even if they try to say just bad things about you, well..he’ll probably love you more, because he finds in you that beautiful soul which they will never have..Go Kristen, I can easily understand why Rob loves you: amazing actress, amazing girl..sweet and unique in your own way.. <3

  11. Malina

    Kristen so adorable, pretty and gorgeous. So hot!

  12. Morning

    Seriously she needs to lose weight. Her face is chubby and her arms are not toned.

  13. m bella

    kristen impresionante quien podria lucir ee vestido su maravillosa piel piernas rostro poco maquilllaje sin prendas quien pasa ese reto el vestido channel asi son esos vestidos se arriesgo con el cabello para ir al mercado como otras que salieron con su cabello suelto no se arriesgann sienten que se ven feas KRISTEN IMPRESIONANTE EL VESTIDO INCREIBLE Y POR DETRAS INCREIBLE COMO LO LLEVABA CON ROB EN SU CUERPO MEJOR

  14. lyle

    I luv kristen stewart…but in this case I think both her hairstylist and stylist need to be shot.
    seriously…dress and style ure clients according to their own traits, NOT trends or Brands.

    the chanel looks shite

  15. Katya

    Chanel looks cheap? I don’t know if it’s her or the dress. The overall affect is a sort of trailer park prom dress.

    The makeup is beautiful.

    My main pet peeve is the pose. She needs to mix it up more.

  16. morninggvnr

    Why do you assume her stylist pushed her into that dress? This mess has Kristen’s name written all over it. Black, embarrassingly short, ‘edgy’. Totally missed the mark, but who really cares it’s only fashion lol

  17. elen

    maybe she needs to lose some weight, maybe not. don’t you know how gorgeous are her legs?
    her arms aren’t so adorable, her face could be not so pretty but maybe that what is her type of beauty?

  18. Debra

    The thing is….Kristen is a tom girl and she appears to be very uncomfortable in glam. She’s more use to jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. She can’t stand properly in heels so she looks as if she’s in pain.

  19. haterstotheleft

    Most of those who criticize Kristen can’t even fit in that dress. I find it funny how people blatantly express their hate or dislike towards her, yet spend so much time focusing and commenting on EVERYTHING she does. Kristen looked gorgeous, not everybody can pull that look off. This is not the Oscars and the stars don’t have a say in what they’re going to wear. Keep on rocking Kristen!!!!

  20. Katya

    And I find it funny that you can’t post an opinion about a dress/look for a COSTUME gala without having your weight or sanity questioned. As for my weight, I’m a size 4 and around 5 ft. 7. Sanity depends on the day. I’m not a stalker or a person who lives in a fantasy world. However, I do probably care too much about fashion (and it’s abuse!)

    Do I get to have an opinion now?

    I don’t like the dress. It’s awful.

  21. Tessa

    Only she can make Chanel look that ugly!

  22. tufenuf55

    Does anyone understand what the Met Gala is about? It is about fashion couture. Kristen rocks again. A lot of the other dresses are so similar…not Kiristen’s. I love it. Kristen rocks!!! And, whether you like it or not, it caught your attention which is a lot more than I can say for about 90% on the red carpet.

  23. tufenuf55

    Met Gala is about fashion couture. Kristen rocks again. A lot of the other dresses are so similar…not Kiristen’s. I love it. Kristen rocks!!! .

  24. Elle

    She looks like trash.
    That dress is……..not couture. I can tell you that right now.

    I like Kristen and all but come on, she could have done better.

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