Kristen Stewart To Replace Angelina Jolie?

April 22nd, 2010 // 10 Comments

Angelina Jolie dropped out of the Wanted sequel back in February
and now E news online is reporting that Kristen Stewart might replace her. Stewart, who was catching a flight out of LaGaurdia back on March 18, would play a young, ass-kicking assassin and an insider says she met at least once with director Timur Bekmambetov.

There is, however, a debate going on for whether the sequel will actually be made and the original August start date might conflict with the October Breaking Dawn filming. Another issue is that there is no date yet for the final Twilight flick (or maybe flicks?) production.

I  liked the idea of seeing her in a romantic comedy, but an action movie could be an interesting next move.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Liz

    OMG, I’ll never sleep again, she looks like shit.

  2. Matrim

    I’m not going to bash her just for being in Twilight, but I highly doubt she’ll make a good replacement for Jolie (in either ability or look).

    And that picture is fucking terrible…

  3. Motumbo

    Uhhhh … Jolie’s Character died in the first one.

  4. southerner

    I don’t care what other people say or think about Kristen but I love her.

  5. Erin

    get the look? you mean i too could look like a burnt out hipster?… yayy

  6. ron


  7. Tori

    All you haters on KStew suck big fat hairy ones. Kristen is an amazing actress and not just in The Twilight Saga. And if any of you “haters got your head out of a$$ and watched her other movies you would see how complex and flexible her acting skills are. Grow up and stop hating because you can’t carry her style or attitude.

    P.S. Suck it :)

  8. Lena Satuya

    @ Tori

    No, YOU suck it, and by “it”, I mean Kristen’s dick. The girl is a shallow, stuck-up, burned out, stiff bitch who can’t carry a movie by herself. She plays the same cardboard, two-dimensional, monotonous character in EVERY film I have ever seen her in (I have seen Into the Wild, Speak, Twilight, Adventureland, etc.) constantly blinking, biting her lip, and stumbling through her lines like she’s in a drunken stupor.

    She’s not even mildly attractive. Looks like Feival from Feival Goes West. The only reason we have to even hear of this ungrateful little snot is because both of her parents are in the Biz already. She is a great example of the fact that all you need is to know someone or fuck someone to get famous or star in anything anymore.

  9. Tori

    @ Lena Satuya (the jealous stupid whore..)

    You seem more like the whore to have a dick in her mouth so I don’t want to still any of your glory.

    You are a bitter, very stupid person. There are better things to do in life then hating someone who does something they love. You must have a pathetic life to have to attack those who are happy with theirs. I feel so sorry for you.

    Now get your ass back to the free clinic where it belongs before you start an epidemic…like stupid, slut syndrome.

    Hugs and Kisses!

  10. egbelle

    i think Kstew is a badass and could do a good action movie. Shes a good at being mean! just like Angelina she has that serious bitch face that could work!

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