Kristen Dunst Gets A-Burgled


Until I read that the thieves involved in breaking into Kirsten Dunst’s hotel suite in SoHo in NYC had stolen her wallets, purse, iPod and about $2,500, I thought for a second that some burglars with horrible taste had decided to raid the young fashion disaster’s home. For a moment, I was concerned that her granny wardrobe was in danger, but then I sighed a sigh of relief when I realized her wacky clothing was, in fact, safe. It seems that early this month, Kirsten’s pad was broken into shortly after she, actor Simon Pegg and Kiki’s assistant left the place. Hotel video surveillance helped police to arrest suspect Jarrod Beinerman, who appears on the video tapes with an accomplice.

At Beinerman’s arraignment Wednesday, his lawyer, James Kirschner, told a judge: “He tells me they were filming a movie that day [at the hotel]. That’s why he was there. He went there to check out what was going on.”

Even if Beinerman is innocent (and it sounds like they have him on tape red-handed, so good luck with that), the fact that this 33-year-old is wandering around at nearly five in the morning in a hotel where he doesn’t belong because he wants to “check out what was going on” tells me that this man ain’t right.

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