Kristin Davis Sex Tape Brouhaha

Photos: WENN

You may or may not have heard the rumors about a Kristin Davis sex tape being passed around and according to TMZ, there is none. Rather, the images in question are less than twenty photos that were taken back in 1992 by an ex-boyfriend, who sold the the pix to a third party just to spite Kristin.

Reportedly, the pictures hit the Internet after the third party’s business partner swiped the photos and well, you can pretty much guess what happened from there. As for Kristin, her rep has told OK! magazine, “This is not a photo of Kristin Davis,” adding, “There is no sex tape.”

The “photo” in question is what looks like Kristin giving the man behind the camera the lollipop treatment. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was simply a still shot taken from something that ended up on the cutting room floor of SATC.