Kristen Cavallari Gives Us Magazine Two in the Pink

Shocker of a lifetime folks.  Catty Kristen Cavallari, who seems
to have mellowed with age. Or drugs. Whatever. Actually has something
not disparaging to say to Us Magazine about her plastic cast-mate Heidi Montag’s newly fabricated form, “It’s not my body, If she’s happy, that’s all that matters.” 

Kristen, who has opted to keep her natural ‘Laguna Beach’ bod, flaunted what the good lord gave her while fulfilling her hosting duties for ‘The Day’ pool party, at the recently opened Liquid Pool in Las Vegas’s CityCenter.  “Nothing shocks me about them (Heidi, Spencer [sic]) anymore. It’s one thing after another.”

And the other??? Heidi and hubby from hell, Spencer Pratt, after dragging creator of ‘The Hills’, Adam DeVillo’s
name through the mud, are now dropping their plans to sue for sexual
harassment.  Lucky him. The rest of us? Not so much because even if he
didn’t do it and isn’t getting arrested, someone should kick that guys
ass for unleashing fame-whores Heidi and Spencer on the world.