Kristen Bell Would Pay To See Herself On The Big Screen

We get it. Celebrities are pretty obsessed with themselves.

Exhibit A: Amber Rose
Exhibit B: Miley Cyrus
Exhibit C: Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Now comedy princess, Kristen Bell, is advocating that she’s willing to drop plenty of her own cash to get her old TV show Veronica Mars made into a full-feature film.

While walking the red carpet at yesterday’s premiere of You Again in Los Angeles, Kristen told reporters that she would finance the film herself but Warner Bros. won’t sign over the rights to her because there’s not enough fans that would actually go see the movie.

Do you not recall the burning remnants of failed tv shows turned into movies like The X-Files, JackAss and George of the Jungle?

Yeah, me either. There’s a reason for that. Give it up, boo and stick to the projects that make money, not steal from you.