Kristen Stewart’s Shoes: A Red Carpet Do [PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart
The star poses for Elle Magazine.
Kristen Stewart’s career has skyrocketed with all the fans Twilight has accumulated. Even though she is on the red carpet non-stop, Stewart never seems to lose herself amongst the flashing lights.

If you ever take a close look, Ms. Stewart is only in her heels for as minimal time as needed! She is quick to change out of what most woman would describe as their favorite accessory and into some extremely casual and well worn in kicks (smart girl). I love that she doesn’t feel as if she must dress a certain way in order to impress anyone.

Don’t forget to take a glance at Stewart’s feet next time she’s on the red carpet, because I’m sure if she hasn’t kicked those heels to the curb already there soon to go!

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