Kristen Stewart Spotted In Paris Cracking A Smile [PHOTOS]

Rob & Kristen
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Kristen Stewart
The star attended a Haiti benefit in February 2010
Friends you won’t believe, Kristen Stewart was spotted smiling. And it wasn’t one of her “oh, I need to smile now or else I’ll look angry” smiles. Nope, this one seemed like the genuine article. I guess Kristen does have a lot to smile about these days. She’s in Paris enjoying Fashion Week and sitting next to Anna Wintour, her Parisian fans are showing up to love her–all in all doesn’t sound too shabby. 

Kristen decided to go for a decidedly dressed down look today. I quite like her pop of color with the yellow shoes. Pops of color really do make all the difference. Launch the gallery to see all of Kristen’s smiling and pop. Enjoy!