Kristen Stewart Lands In London To Film ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Kristen Stewart may have just finished up with Comic-Con where she gave sneak peeks into Breaking Dawn and its very intimate scenes, but now she is onto bigger and better things. Kristen is set to play the lead in Snow White And The Huntsman in the fairy tale twist on an old fable. This film has a stellar cast including Chris Hemsworth from Thor and even model/actress Lily Cole who will play ‘Greta’. K-Stew talked about the character in comparison to her usual forte’, the shy ‘Bella Swan’.

“It’s not a little girl sitting by a well with little tweety birds telling her what to do and where to go,” Kristen said of her character at Comic-Con. “[The costume] makes you feel kind of strong occasionally, sometimes, but I kind of feel tiny, my pinhead sticks out of these enormous things.”

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Today Kristen Stewart arrived at Heathrow Airport in London and rushes to her waiting car while her bodyguard carries her guitar case on July 31st.