Kristen Stewart Shows Off Some Shoulder While Filming ‘Snow White’ [PHOTOS]

September 29th, 2011 // 14 Comments

Actress Kristen Stewart was showing off a different look while filming Snow White and the Huntsman today.

Yesterday, Kristen was suited up in armor, while today she was seen in a full off the shoulder gown while wearing some bright blue boots to protect her feet from the water.

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This adaptation of the story is vastly different from the other version currently being made with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. This edition, from director Rupert Sanders, sees Snow White train with the huntsman who has been sent to kill her. Charlize Theron plays the Evil Queen.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ewww




  3. Me

    Thats not her wearing the green boots. just saying.

    Also she looks beautiful, anyone who thinks otherwise needs their head checked.

  4. Katia

    love these pictures :D

  5. nina

    whatever, she’s still a lesbian! And if you’re so OK with lesbians, why are you so against the fact that she might be one? Huh?? So who’s the loser now???

    • whatever

      oh, do tell us what makes her a lesbian, cause that’s where your homophobia will shine through. Please, make us all laugh how you know this. The only girls obsessed with Kristen’s se xual orientation are bitter Rob fangirls who hate the fact their man dates a pretty tomboy.

  6. Kirsten Stewart seen filming her new fim Snow White and The Huntsman
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    this sucks! I tried to check out photos on this site but can’t due to the advertisement that creeps down with EVERY CLICK!! So I’m leaving this site and boycotting Dream House. In this age can you figure out how to advertise an make money without pissing off readers and moviegoers!!!

  7. Kirsten Stewart seen filming her new fim Snow White and The Huntsman
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    what a beauty!

  8. hilly


  9. carliy

    She looks gorgeous. And to the posters fixating on her looks and her sexual orientation: Don’t hate on other women, it’s petty, embarrassing to witness, and only makes you look pathetic. Have some pride in yourselves, and your gender, good god.

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