Kristen Stewart Shows Off Belly As She Leaves LA [PHOTOS]

May 6th, 2012 // 10 Comments

Kristen Stewart did her best “I have no emotions for this world” face as she was spotted leaving LA on Sunday. 

Kristen went for a colorful shirt look, which very nicely showed off her toned stomach. The Twilight actress recently flew in from Vancouver where she and her cast mates officially finished work on Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Kristen’s been making the chat show rounds, promoting her new film Snow White & The Huntsman. She showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live  and The Tonight Show

According to her Tonight Show interview below, Kristen had a little bit of trouble with the Breaking Dawn reshoots. Seems like she hurt her foot. Ouch! No one likes foot pain. 

Launch the gallery to see all the photos of Kristen at LAX and don’t forget to check out the video below. 

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By Sabba Rahbar

  1. kit

    Shameful! Expect these snarky type stories from X-17, not a “reputable” site.

  2. Zoe

    How COWARDLY that you won’t let anyone comment on your Sienna Miller/Tom Sturridge article from April 6th. Sienna Miller is “talented, beautiful, and happy.” Please name the last movie you saw her in. Kristen is about to star in a blockbuster and is the face of Balenciaga. That’s talented. Sienna Miller is a famewhore who is known for having sex with married men. But good on her for getting knocked up. Super classy to get a British Vogue cover to promote it. Start whoring her kid before it’s born.

    She’s classless and judging by your continual digs at Kristen it’s a real wonder why you like her. Classless people attack their own kind.

    • Hey to get the point across we don’t need to dis Sienna remember one thing it takes 2 to Cheat Getty isn’t the innocent flower either and how easily everyone forgot that Sienna was cheated on multiple times by Jude Law with a babysitter that is wayy lower than falling in love with a Married Manipulative douche like Balthazar Getty

  3. wow you guys are really envious of Kristen Stewart aren’t you? she isn’t the only celebrity that doesn’t smile for papz u know so why single her out? oh yeah you want her boyfriend ! Nerdy Blogger=pathetic Loser

  4. Bec

    “I have no emotions for this world” ‘face’ REALLY?!! >:(

  5. OMG

    LMAO! Sabba Rahbar providing the Sunday night jokes! I didn’t know SL is a comedy site now! Tom Sturridge is only winning the “girlfriend competition” if it’s who’s gf is an unemployed actor who is only was/is/and will only ever be relevant because of the MANY MANY famous men she has had dated. Sienna will forever will that competition.

    Now talented? That would be that actor actually working, Kristen. Beautiful? That would be the new face of the Balenciaga perfume. Kristen. Happy? I’d actually give that to Sienna bc she’s performing for the paps she clearly called herself. I mean Rob and Kris can walk around with out paps for days but Sienna & Tom can’t? Okay. lol. That’s for the laugh!

  6. Tuscany7

    Dear Sabba Rahbar, *pats your head and then washed my hand* psst…your bitter hag is showing.

    Kristen Stewart has the talent, the intelligence, the beauty, the career, the fame, the respect, the money, the grace, the courage, the determination (just to name a few) and Robert Pattinson. And what do you have? Nothing, but your hateful words and a sad, pathetic life. Guess what? Kristen Stewart wins. All day, everyday.

  7. I'm so disappointed.

    Sabba Rahbar you’re unclassy, unprofessional and unfunny!

  8. A

    “I think Tom is really winning in the girlfriend department. He gets Sienna Miller. Beautiful, talented, happy.”

  9. A

    Comparing Sienna Miller to Kristen Stewart and then calling Sienna better lol.I don’t know what to say man..I’m sure most rational people know who’s better so I don’t feel the need to explain it.
    Plus,its funny how I’m not allowed to comment on ~super witty ‘Tom Sturridge & Sienna Miller Take Her Baby Bump To Lunch ‘ article which was posted yesterday.That article was nothing but a bitter woman’s rambling disguised as snark.Sabba Rahbar’s sense of “humor” is fit for trashy TMZ and not Socialite Life.I’m

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