Kristen Stewart Shops At Chanel Despite Her Relaxed View On Style And Make Up

Kristen Stewart in Paris
Kristen Stewart attended two shows during in Paris.
There are a lot of Kristen Stewart haters out there, but even they have to agree that her attitude on the way she looks is pretty cool.

Kristen Stewart flew into Paris with some friends, and unlike the way most celebrities handle airports, Kristen Stewart was all comfort. She sported a puffy green jacket, a black shirt with the word “Yes” plastered across the front, and converse. She had a black beanie thrown over her hair and wore dark sunglasses to deflect her fans. Her face, as usual, was make-up free. 

Even when she’s not preparing for a long travel day, Kristen Stewart still rarely wears a lot of make-up. “I’m always striving to get to the point where I look like I’ve woken up in the last hour. You know that look you get when you’re fresh-faced? You’re a little puffy but looking really good? That’s what I like.” So basically, she’s trying to emulate Beyonce’s “I woke up like this,” motto. Understandable. We all want to be like queen Beyonce.

Despite this motto, the actress and her friends still headed straight for Chanel when they arrived in Paris. A little contradictory, but who can resist a good shopping spree? Especially in Paris. I’m crazy jealous.

Kristin Stewart does have some pride in the way she looks though, and her biggest fashion regret is back from 2002 when she attended the premiere of Panic Room. Other than that, she’s pretty laid back about appearances. You keep doing you, girl.