Kristen Stewart Returns To ‘Breaking Dawn’ Set

February 28th, 2011 // 7 Comments

Even though she wasn’t on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, Kristen Stewart was reported to have been in LA with Robert Pattinson enjoying some pre-Oscars partying at the Chateau Marmont hotel.

This morning she was spotted at the airport in Vancouver where she’s returning to the set of Breaking Dawn. The actress looked low-key in a black t-shirt and jeans and wore sunglasses as she made her way through the airport with her security team and looked about as thrilled with Monday morning as I do.

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Co-star Jackson Rathbone told E! that there is plenty of sex in the upcoming film…

“It’s a PG-13 movie, but also it is what it is and it’s a union. They are consummating their relationship and they don’t just do it once, let’s put it that way,” the actor said. “It’s definitely sexy. It definitely qualifies as ‘shmexaaay.’”

He also said that their chemistry really sizzles in the new film. We’ll be able to see the first part of the film this November, with part two hitting the screens in 2012.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Kristen Stewart Vancouver airport hoodie sunglasses hand splint
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    Love her. Hope her hand is getting better.

  2. Nal

    Love her. Hope her hand is better.

  3. Kristen Stewart Vancouver airport hoodie sunglasses hand splint
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    It’s taken some time, but I think I’m finally coming to understand Kristem.She looks absolutley miserable when there’s a camera in her face, but at the same time, she could walk away from the movie business and become a top model.She is extemely photogenic and could be made up to look like so many diffeent characters, like a chameleon. She should seiously consoder doing both. I just wish she could try to show a little more emotion on her face when she is acting.And her kissing scenes leave something to be desired, almost like she doesn’t want anyone to really see it.She’s a young girl who has very little privacy but she should try to open up a little and smile more for us all. Good luck to you Kristen.

  4. j

    yup, still on drugs whe she landed!

  5. Kristen Stewart Vancouver airport hoodie sunglasses hand splint
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    read this to your sister

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