Kristen Stewart Parties With Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge In London [PHOTOS]

June 9th, 2011 // 7 Comments

The night after Kristen Stewart attending the UK Glamour Awards, the actress enjoyed a night out with actress Sienna Miller and her boyfriend Tom Sturridge, who also just happens to be Robert Pattinson‘s BFF. UPDATE: Thanks to all the Kristen fans who let us know that they were also joined by Garrett Hedlund!

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The threesome started their evening with dinner at St Johns restaurant in Chinatown, before heading to the Groucho where they stayed until 2.50am.

Kristen looked tired as she left the club, jumping into a waiting car and pulling her knees up around her for protection.

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I have to ask, WTF is up with Tom Sturridge’s horrid beard? He looks homeless. Shiver.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Isabella

    Garrett Hedlund, who co-stars On The Road with Kristen and Tom was also with them. And his beard looks horrible but is from a movie :/

  2. sasha

    garret hedlund was with kristen too, otr reunion

  3. nial

    It was a double-date. Garrett Hedlund was too! Check your sources please

  4. lol at nial


  5. cindy

    Do gossip sites just steal whole stories from one another? Because everyone that is reporting the outing is leaving out Garrett Hedlund. He’s right behind Tom and there’s a clear photo of Tom and Garrett? What’s up people?

  6. again

    If I want to check out celebrity sightings or news I’ll just find it myself because you never get the whole story with these sites. And, this info is easily available!!

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    Commented on this photo:

    Miller looks wasted, what else is new?

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