Kristen Stewart On The Cover Of February’s ‘Vogue’

January 14th, 2011 // 75 Comments

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of February’s Vogue looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  I’ll give it to you straight (and you’re not going to like this):  I don’t find Stewart to be very glamorous and worthy of a Vogue cover.  I can see W creating a shoot around her sorrowful aura, but with Vogue you kind of already have to bring your glamarama.  For instance, I’d like to see True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld on the cover instead of Stewart.  I bet we could strip away the dust of the old west to find a truly elegant young lady underneath.  With Stewart, I can’t get images of untied sneakers, hoodies and poor posture out of my head.

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Yes I love Twilight and yes I believe in Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.  But this is Vogue, people!  This is serious stuff.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. jp

    oh come on..don’t write shit..kristen is so chic and beautiful! she’s the most genuine star(i mean real star) in hollywood..she’s just perfect for vogue!

    • Pats

      chic? beautiful? With an entire team of beauty consultants working on her look, she still resembles nothing more than a girl posing for her high school senior picture. Glamor has passed her by.

    • maqui

      Shut up, she looks beautiful
      If you are a jealous bitter

      you are pathetic

    • jp

      oh shut the fuck up!kristen doesn’t need anyone to look beautiful..cause SHE IS BEAUTIFUL and you’re a pathetic jealous bitch because you’re saying shit and you haven’t any idea how she feels being one of the biggest stars on the planet..kristen is perfect and deserves any fucking vogue cover..end of the go and talk with my shit and the nonstens..

  2. maqui

    looks beautiful
    We care about your opinion socialite
    she looks beautiful leaves the girl alone

  3. Tonga da Mironga

    Suck it up. She nailed it.

  4. nikki

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! This is THE most awkward Vogue shoot ever! Like..Anna Wintour didn’t put much effort in the photoshoot… Stewart definetely didn’t deserve it&yes, I thought of Hailee too, now that the Oscars are approaching! i’m glad that this shoot is not very good&Stewart looks weird! I guess February is the “WTF?” cover for Vogue; Last year’s February was… Jennifer Biel! (another random choice)

  5. katia Teixeira

    Socialite…who cares about your opinion. If Wintour tought that Kristen was glamorous and worthy of a Vogue cover…WHO are you insegnificants assholes to say otherwhise. STFU

    • d_e

      Obviously you care, since you bothered posting here. Oh, and it’s spelled “insignificant”. Just sayin’.

  6. katia Teixeira

    Thought not tought

  7. Iseethesea

    I respect your opinion, but totaly disagree. Thanks God Vogue thinks just like me.

  8. dara

    I see a beautiful young woman with a haunting gaze. She’s beautiful even in her hoodies and sneakers, too bad you can’t see past her everyday attire, I’m glad Anna Wintour was able to.

  9. maqui

    I’m so bored with these sites always mistreat kristen
    what kind of people are
    their lives must be so bitter,
    to focus on hate in a girl of 20 years
    leave the girl alone

  10. boo

    The girl on that cover is Kristen not Bella. They are not the same person!
    Kristen deserves to be on that cover, she’s a good actor and the one you talking don’t know who she is!

  11. pete

    The comments here are unreal. Can’t fans of this girl be a little more mature without the crude name calling? You don’t have to like or respect what the writer wrote but its pathetic to call her names or to tell her to shut up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinoin. Just because it doesn’t match yours doesn’t give you the right to start acting like a brat.

    • nikki

      IKR?? I was called a jealous bitch (???) and a nonsten (whatever that means..I suppose a NON-kris-STEN fan) whatever! Tell it like it is socialite!!!

    • jp

      you’re both saying shit..and if you don’t like kristen STOP FUCKING COMMENT HERE! she’s fucking perfect and all of you are freaking hyenas..

    • fashionfan

      But JP says you’re not entitled to your own opinion. LOL

    • jp

      yes you’re not! it’s simple my friend..if you don’t like kristen don’t comment because you’re writing shit..

  12. paulina

    hey socialite life
    you had a bad day today are you so bitter?
    Kristen can not have their vogue cover?
    Please stop the hate and take a break today
    because these very bitter, really.

    I understand why so many people are jealous of kristen
    because she is beautiful and talented

  13. lk13

    Really? why didn’t you put a piee of her interview? It’s much more interesting than your hateful and unimportant opinion. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

  14. Jan

    LMAO Yeah cuz you don’t sound bitter or anything. Here’s the thing Anna Wintour thinks she’s deserving and the op of an online blogger matters exactly 0 to those who do. :)

  15. Em

    Personally, I’m glad SocialiteLife DIDN’T cater to the stans by kissing Kristen’s ass. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is SocialiteLife’s. Sit down.

    • Lili

      I gotta say the temper tantrum you and your nonnies had yesterday was quite hilarious.
      But it is really getting old. If making hateful snide remarks about a person you will never know makes you happy then I feel sorry for you. It’s no wonder she keeps her private life private. I wouldn’t want spiteful people getting any info into my personal life. I’m glad Kristen is the real deal and not some plastic formed HW starlet.

    • fashionfan

      You have to love Kristen or die. Didn’t you know that, Em? Ha ha! Just ask her Stans commenting on here who bash you if you don’t think she’s the most beautiful and talented actress ever.

  16. nikki

    As for Anna Wintour picking her for the cover…well, DUH!!! You are the Twilight fans, you figure it out!!! *coughcrazysellscough*

  17. Bee

    I agree. This cover is a joke.
    Giving Vogue cover to someone who on daily basis looks like personal hygiene is a foreign concept to her, wears jeans and knotted t-shirt all the time, have no idea what designer she wears on red carpet and dispose designer dresses given to her as soon she can is laughable.
    But what’s more funny are her fans, taking personal vendetta when someone don’t warship their idol. Grow up people.

    • jp

      you grow the fuck up cause you’re a jealous pathetic bitch! kristen is a real star! not someone supposedly stupid little girl who all that she’s looking for is what dress she’s gonna shut up and keep your opinion for yourself..

    • Lani

      Wow, this is personal for you, isn’t it?

    • lani

      Bee’s taking this a little personally. The writer didn’t take it personally, she just disagreed with Kristen as a cover choice. Bee took it personally, fixating on Kristen as if she knew her. It’s weird when people care too much about this girl either way.

    • Bee

      It calls having an opinion. I don’t agree with her being on the cover of a FASHION magazine, because in my perception she’s one of the least fashionable people in HW. That’s my prerogative.

    • jp

      then you absolutely have no taste in fashion..

  18. Anna

    First of all, this is your opinion and I respect that, but Vogue’s people are not inexperienced. Everyone on that Magazine, from the photographer to the editor, knows their job. I think that Kristen doesn’t really enjoy being on that cover and finds it uncomfortable, but I think that if they wanted her on the Cover it’s because they think she deserves it. Twilight is a massive phenomenon. But Kristen didn’t do just Twilight, she did a lot of awesome things and keeps on doing what she cares about, without really thinking about the fame and the popularity. She goes from the well-paid movie, to the indipendent one just caring about the story and what she thinks it’s worth doing. I admire her, probably a lot more when I see her wearing jeans and sweatshirt and no makeup on just because she is a normal girl who does what she wants to do and does it good. That’s it. So you just need to remember that yes, this is your opinion, but you shouldn’t throw shit on people just because you don’t like them. That’s it.


  19. nola

    oh yeah, how dare kristen stewart grace the same magazine cover that Jessica Biel, most recently seen in the A team flying a helicopter, has! The blasphemy! LOL

  20. Sue

    If Kristen is so uncomfortable being on the covers of magazines then why does she do it? She does have a choice.
    People are allowed their opinion no need to call them jealous or haters or “nonstens” . having an opinion that is different from yours does not make it wrong it is just different.
    My opinion is this is advertising plain and simple much like ALL magazines are they put faces on the cover that sells the magazine.
    What’s next Kristen fans are you going to tell me that I have to love her because she is a young girl?

    She is 20 she is in the entertainment industry if she is so shy she cannot take the press then she should choose not to do things like magazine covers.

    • jp

      vogue wanted her to do it you smart! if they were asking you to do it you would say no?? so stop the crap..

    • Sue

      Why are you jumping on me because I stated my opinion ?
      I did not insult her.
      I merely said I did not think using the excuse that she is uncomfortable and shy is valid when she is on the cover of magazines by her choice.
      and I would say no to being on the cover of a magazine especially if it was a magazine about a subject I do not like.

      and just for a note I am going to edit the comment you made so that it sounds they way you intended :
      Vogue wanted her to do it if you are so smart! If they were asking you to do it would you say no? So stop the crap.

      you are welcome

  21. Jennifer

    Did you actually read the interview. Not only is she beautiful, she has depth and character and way beyond most of those girls in HW. So what is wrong with being awkward and “real”, would you rather have someone plastic and scripted when being interviewed. You have your opinon, but I wish you would look beyond what you think a real woman should be like and act like. Takes alot of courage to stand up for what you believe in when everyone may not agree with you. Sad to say, it’s still a man’s world and women have to fight every inch of the way, women should support each other. Instead I have seen so much hate and jealousy toward each other, I just don’t get it. I love Kristen Stewart, I applaud her, and quoting Bill Condon, a well respected director… “She has unlimited Potential”. So I hope you can look beyond how you think someone should act and dress . I also applaud Vogue for putting Kristen on the cover. I’ve been disappointed in their diversity for awhile, it seems like all they were doing is putting Blake Lively on their cover.

    • fashionfan

      All she did in the article is what she always does: whine about fame. Also, these covers usually coincide with the release of a book, movie, CD, etc. I don’t get why she was put on the Feb cover.

  22. WhoCares

    Anna Wintour has become a sellout. I am so disappointed with the magazine’s decision to put this girl on the cover. Fail, Vogue. Epic fail.

    • jp

      you’re just a pity of yourself..that’s all i have to say..

    • Marisol

      has become a sellout? BWAHAHHAHA. You realize Jessica Biel got a cover last year soley on the fact of who she’s effing right? JT got her that cover, or do you think the A-Team did? AW has her pets, and those who stick their heads farthest up her azz will be rewarded. Other times, she’ll go with what’s timely. Kristen is timely.

    • WhoCares

      Good. Hopefully she is timely. That way her 15 minutes is almost up and she can fade back into obscurity where she belongs.

    • jp

      kristen is not timely! she’s an actress! one of the best actresses..she played awesome movies that i bet you’ll never understand their whole meaning cause you ‘re pathetic..let me remind you the people’s choice..and don’t start with that she’s playing in twilight and that’s why she got it..if it was like this rob would also be best actor or favorite star under 25..BUT HE WASN’ watch your fucking mouth when you talk about kristen!

    • lol

      Wow jp, is she your sister or something?

    • jp

      no i’m just a fucking fan!and it gets really on my nerves when they ‘re talking about her like that..cause they have no idea how is like to be in her position – and they will never be – so that’s probably why they’re saying shit about her..what is your problem now?

    • lol

      Well, you are right on one account. I have no idea what it’s like to be in her position, cause I’m sure as heck not rich. And I would never have been allowed to drop out of high school. And I don’t get to work with super hot guys every day. So yeah, I have no idea how horrible her life must be….

    • Ad

      @ lol on January 14, 2011 at 2:13 pm

      Thank you for enlightening me I didn’t know the secret of being happy was being heck rich,dropping out of high school and working with hot guys.Of course things like privacy invasion,being harshly judged by some psychos just because your dating their prince charming,etc. just doesn’t matter,right?

      LMAO there are some very entertaining people here and thats the only reason why I’m reading the comments section

  23. Gabriella

    It’s natural that we all have opinions about things like this. My opinion just happens to be on the opposite spectrum of yours. I was thrilled to see her on the cover and I think she looks beautiful and the interview along with it is really great.

    But in the end, whatever fans/non-fans think of her being chosen is irrelevant because she got handpicked to be on Vogue by Anna Wintour. And that people, is a HUGE freaking deal. Congrats Kristen! Haters are gonna hate regardless but this is huge deal and you nailed it!

  24. Alex

    OMG seriously? Please twihards GTFO. Not everyone loves Twilight or the actors in them and think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Good on you socialitelife for not saying what every twihard wants to hear.

  25. malia

    Bless your little pointed head, Kelly. It’s the American style issue. Kristen’s starring in one of the most influential books of the last century, On The Road. You don’t get more American in all the right ways than Kerouac. She’s pretty. She’s skinny. She can wear the size -4 pieces that AW insists upon at shoots. I mean, with the lack of inspired choices last year for covers and covergirls, you’re going to get self righteous with Kristen? Pfft…amateur. lol

  26. hey alex

    this isn’t about twilight, this is about the fact that Vogue HARDLY sets the standard for anything cutting edge or fashion forward anymore. Most of the girls on the cover look like they snagged clothes from Nana’s treasure chest in the Attic. All the poses meld into eachother, as do the girls who are doing the posing. No inspired choices, no inspired shoots at this point. Very patrician and calcified to be honest at this point. So people want to get the knickers in a bunch because Kristen Stewart’s on the cover? AFter last year’s snoozefest that was Vogue? Please, this is more about people either liking Kristen or not, nothing more.Let’s not act like she’s just gutted an American institution and held it hostage, drama queens.

    • lauren

      Word. The only people making a fuss are people who don’t even follow AW or vogue. Kristen is as cookie cutter as you can get for the cover, it’s hardly a surprise.

  27. Puaena

    Mentioning Hailee Steinfeld as a better cover is proof that the writer just wanted to provide a place for the naysayers to come & go “Yeah, you’re so right!”. I mean, honestly, Steinfeld is 14 and has one movie to her credit. Anna Wintour is not going to put a 14 year old on the cover of Vogue. You’ll prob see her on TeenVogue. If she gets the role of Katniss in Hunger Games & can survive adolescence & keep her pretty looks (it doesn’t always happen), she’ll probably be a cover in future.

    As for Kristen’s cover, I love it. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I will buy magazine. Yes, it is different for her. But that’s what these things are for. For people to buy magazine and for the subject to show a different side.

    And whether anyone likes the franchise or not, she’s the lead and it has made over a billion dollars in movie tickets alone, that makes her worthy in a straightforward, pure business way. I can respect that a whole lot more than putting Jessica Biel or Blake Lively on the cover.

  28. Marisol

    Hey, Kelly, did you give Carey Mulligan the same setting down you are giving Kristen Stewart last year? CAuse in addition to looking awkward, she looked like she was about to cry on her cover. Somehow I must have missed all your indignation though. I don’t know, the only covers I liked last year was Carey’s actually, and Anne HAthaway. Anne does glamour with swagger wonderfully. But Carey’s cover was beautiful in it’s own way too, because you still got a glimpse of the girl underneath it all, with that unsure set of her eyes. Kristen’s cover is similar for me-there’s vulnerability there too, but I’ll take that anyday over the Glamour Shot bs we got with such “stellar” covers last year like Rachel Mcadams and Jessica Biel.

  29. Kim

    I think Kristen looks lovely and the interview was insightful. It’s wonderful to see such a young Hollywood actress care about something more than just designer clothes and shoes. I will be buying my first Vogue issue ever next week.

  30. solamente

    It’s inspired choice, Kelly and here’s why. (And no I’m not a twihard). Kristen is representing both the worst and best about American culture and influence in one year. She’ll be doing the dreadful Twilight movies of course. And yet on the other spectrum she’s starring in On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It’s like two polar opposites in terms of what we offer as a country to the world, both the crap and the gold. And bonus points for her portraying Joan Jett already, an American institution all by herself. She makes sense given the theme of the particular issue, and she’s a pretty enough to grace a cover. Is modeling going to become her day job? No, obviously not. But there is something very unbridled about her too, which makes her an interesting subject to photograph, her face on that cover is open yet wary at the same time, which probably encapsulates her quite nicely.

  31. gina

    Here’s the thing-I appreciate that this girl looks like she hasn’t messed with her face or body in various ways. Let’s think of last year. Blake Lively? Gorgeous-but also has cut up half her face and upper chest region with multiple surgeries before she was old enough to order a drink in a bar. jessic biel? Gorgeous–but her nose job is very distracting. Angelina Jolie? Please eat a ham sammie, knock of whatever undercover habits that are making you waste away, and again, rhinoplasty done too extremely. THis girl, that’s her face, she’s not been tweaked-yet. And she looks natural on the cover,it’s really lovely actually.

  32. thia2

    I see. What one wears in their downtime influences whether or not they should be on the cover? So the 14 year old Hailee doesn’t wear hoodies and sneakers? Please. Kristen is typically lauded for what she wears at her many public appearances, including the PCAs last week where she was voted best dressed by most industry observers and websites. She has a style that is young, natural, edgy and fresh – and this is why Vogue sought her for their cover. She’s a fresh alternative to the pack of artifical Barbie clones that dominate Hollywood these days. Really, how many silicone enhanced, bleached blonde, botoxed, invisaligned cover girls do we really need to see? I like seeing a girl who looks real instead of manufactured on magazine covers.

    • fashionfan

      Ironically, Kristen’s hair is dyed blonde in these pictures and she’s airbrushed within every inch of her life. LOL

    • thia2

      Yes, her hair was dyed blonde for her role in On The Road that she was shooting when this photoshoot was taken. I’m not saying I’m opposed to hair coloring (says the woman with blond highlights, LOL), just that so many celebrities are ultra-manufactured even when they’re not working. As far as airbrushing, I wish the magazines wouldn’t – that they’d let their subjects look more natural. I’m not sure how much airbrushing was done to her face, she has a really nice natural complexion.

  33. fashionfan

    I don’t understand why Vogue would put a girl on the cover who has said she hates fashion. SMH

    • gina

      Did you have a problem with Tina Fey on last year then, the same girl who jokes she buys her pants in the husky boys section of Sears? Or Rachel McAdams who is just as a dress down type as Kristen? I mean, serioiusly, folks, you realize that Vogue attempts to sell magazines and that they don’t even bother with models anymore, they use stars because they are more lucrative? Stop being so naive.

    • fashionfan

      But she has literally said she hates fashion. There are non fashion mags that would suit her better.

  34. SayItAintSo!

    There’s a lot of selling out going on around here. Kristen has nothing to promote but nabs the cover of Vogue? Sounds to me like she’s exactly what she claims not to be, a Valley Brat with an over inflated ego and a sense of entitlement. Vogue just proved themselves to be whores, for sale to the highest bidder. Why is everyone getting angry at Socialitelife? At least they are staying true to their beliefs, please or offend.

    • tina

      what are you even going on about, you sound crazy. You realize that magazines actually try to make money right? Of course they are hookers, you dimwit. Kristen doing any sort of a magazine article is always selling herself, promotion or not. This is the American Style issue, she’s pretty Americana, starring in Twilight. If AW offers you a cover, of course you take it. And socialite is taking a moral stand by staying true to their beliefs? I bet Kelly Lynch is laughing at you hardest right now, this is a throwaway little post where she offered her pov of the cover.

  35. Ad

    @fashionfan Can you please tell me when did Kristen said that she hates fashion?

    And also I would like to know why is everybody so hell bent on insulting her? Its clear to see that some of you are desperately trying to put a negative spin on it.If you don’t like the cover..fine that’s your it and move on.Oh and before I leave I would like to say that I’m literally laughing at this joke of a article..suggesting that Hailee Steinfeld would have been more suitable for THE Vogue cover is so ludicrous.Yeah right because that issue would have sold like hotcakes

  36. Ad

    Uh..I forgot to share my opinion so here I am again.I think Ms.Stewart looks gorgeous here,my fav shot is the one on the cover and the interview was great,one of her best in my humble opinon.

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