Kristen Stewart Lights Up On The Set Of ‘American Ultra’, Is Playing What Handsome Actor’s Girlfriend?

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Did you know that Kristen Stewart is rather poetic?
Dear, Kristen Stewart, did you know that cigarettes aren’t good for your health? I guess I can respect your decision to light up while on set. You do work very hard.

In addition to filming Still Alice last month, the actress is working on American Ultra, and starred in Clouds Of Sils Maria.

Portraying a fiery redhead who wears some seriously mismatched clothing, I would say the man she gets to be in an on-screen relationship with is incredibly handsome as well as talented.

Jessie Eisenberg, who also starred in films such as Zombieland and Now You See Me will be playing her boyfriend. The couple resides in a small, quaint town and Eisenberg enjoys his life as a stoner.

Life takes an unfortunate turn for the pair as the past comes back to haunt the young man. Somehow he becomes involved in a government operation designed to wipe him out. All of that just to destroy one man?

By the sounds of it, he was involved in some serious, dangerous business.

On-screen chemistry probably won’t be an issue for these two actors. For the actress’ 24th birthday, Stewart, Eisenberg, and other cast members dined at a Annunciation Restaurant in Louisiana where they’re currently filming.

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