Kristen Stewart Gives The Best Bang For Movie Buck According To Forbes

Today Forbes published their list of Best Actors for the Buck, which compiles Hollywood’s most profitable stars. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson made the top three of the list, due in part to their success with the Twilight franchise.

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This is how the list was compiled. Each actor has to star in at least three non-animation movies in the last three years. Then Forbes added each actor’s upfront and backend pay on all three movies to come up with a total compensation number. Next they added up the operating income of the three movies to come up with a total operating income number and then divided total operating income by total compensation. Each return on investment number represents how much the studio is paid for every dollar invested in the star.

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I’m happy they took care of the math part.

Click through the gallery to find out who else made the list, and what they’re bang for the buck is.