Kristen Stewart Covers Glamour UK, Talks Robert Pattinson & Life In London [PHOTOS]

October 27th, 2011 // 7 Comments

The star of Breaking Dawn lands another magazine cover! Kristen Stewart, looking quite glam, is featured in the latest issue of Glamour UK, and talks about her co-stars, life in London, and music. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On Robert Pattinson being named ‘Sexiest Man In the World: “The first time Rob was named sexiest man in the world it was the biggest joke in the world. We never stopped taking the piss and neither did her.”

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On her co-stars Taylor Lautner, Chris Hemsworth and Garrett Hedlund: “They’re all great guys and not. Geez, now I sound like I’m generalizing about attractive men. But there’s something a little vain about working out every single day. Whereas, they’re the greatest guys and all kind of goofy. That’s why it’s so funny.”

On her favorite British music: “Laura Marling. Man, I’m such a huge f**king fan. Rob introduced me to her on Twilight because he thought that [her music] was right for the movie. I love her.”

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On her favorite London memory: “God, I can’t even tell you, so annoying. Erm, hmmm…. I spent my last two New Years here, and both of them were f**king incredible.”

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On life in London life vs. life in the United States: “In L.A. you have to be fairly selective about where you go, but I’m so fine here. It’s similar to New York, in that people are doing their own thing and they feel like they’re probably cooler than you, so I tend to be able to get around very easily. We have bars, clubs and restaurants [in the US], but here you go to the pub for the afternoon and you have lunch. In an American publication, that would seem like, ‘She’s hitting the bars in London!’ but it’s just a different mentality here.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dear miu

    Read the article again: “neither did her.” should be “neither did he.”

  2. nina

    she’s still gay and heavily photoshopped..why though, she looks fine without the photoshop!

  3. sama

    she doent fnd her costars like rpatzz, Chris H, Garret H . I think this reveals a lot about herself than anyone else. Oh and she has a crush on Jenny Lewis. I rest my case.
    personally i think she is spoiled bitch, her only quality is being ROBERT PATTNSON girlfriend(if t is true) and she is playing this PR card really well.

  4. sophie

    I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH! but i think she’s too good for rob! she should go and find herself a real man…rob is just stupid…

  5. Petunya

    Wow you would think she would speak a little better for a interview. And how rude is that to say its the biggest joke in the world that RP got sexiest man especially if he is her supossed bf?

  6. Ericka

    First off you guys did a horrible job when typing up this article. Spell check and grammar check would be a good place to start.

    Second…she says the thing about her co-stars cause she’s trying to tell you that they may be these macho guys and you would think they’d be vain and so into themselves but they’re not. She’s saying that they are goofy and fun guys and totally not who you think they would be.

    Third…of course they laughed about Rob getting the title for Sexiest Man Alive. Rob is a very self deprecating human being. He doesn’t view himself as sexy or even good looking and he never has. And if you’re a fan of his you would know this.

    And last…why is it that if a girl likes and admires another female she’s automatically gay? You have no argument for your assumption and there for you should keep your mouth shut. If you don’t like someone don’t comment or read anything that has to do with them. Go look in the mirror and hate on yourself if you feel the need to put someone you don’t even know in real life down.

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