Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron Bring On The Glam ‘Snow White’ Berlin Photocall [PHOTOS]

Kristen & Charlize
The duo attended CinemaCon to promote 'Snow White.'
So much gorgeousness at the photocall for the Berlin photocall for Snow White & The Huntsman. Kristen Stewart looked simply stunning in a red dress, while Charlize Theron showed off her lovely legs in a short grey skirt with black paneling. The pair were joined by co-star Sam Caflin and director Rupert Sanders.

MTV News asked Kristen about how it was different doing interviews with Charlize than it was with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. She said:

“When Rob, Taylor and I do interviews together, they usually don’t actually ask us anything. We just get to hang out and people like to watch that. It’s fine, because I like hanging out with those guys, but it is weird. With Charlize, it’s been great, because we’re so proud of the movie and we actually only worked together for three days, so we got to know each other probably more or at least on a certain level during press, and it’s been nice. It’s been fun.”

Kristen also recalled clocking her Snow White leading man Chris Hemworth in the face on set. The accidental right hook caught Chris off-guard. “Yeah, I didn’t mean to. I accidentally caught him and he’s still crying about it,” she joked. 

Hemsworth has been getting his own back by telling the press that Kristen has a large fist, but there’s no bad blood between the two. “I think that’s why he is saying that stuff – it’s because he saw the glee in my face before, when I said, ‘Oh my God. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to’. He saw that moment of realization.”