Kristen Stewart And Julianne Moore Experience Emotional Moments While On The Set Of ‘Still Alice’

March 14th, 2014 // 3 Comments
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Every time I see photos of the Still Alice cast filming, I become a little bit more excited each and every time.

Executive Producer, Maria Shriver, was even on set today. It would be the coolest thing is she made a little cameo like Stephen King does when movies are created because of his fantastic writing. Fingers crossed we get to see her!

Today, we were lucky enough to be exposed to some mother/daughter emotion filming from Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t read the novel, so all of the characteristics and personality traits of these characters are still unknown. Here’s what I do know: Julianne Moore plays Dr. Alice Howland, a woman who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Kristen Stewart is portraying her daughter, Lydia. From what I’ve gathered thus far, Lydia Howland is the rebel of the three children.

Kate Bosworth, whom we’ve seen on set as well, will be playing Stewart’s on-screen sister, Anna. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, I’m still fairly certain Hunter Parrish is Tom, Lydia and Anna’s brother. If he isn’t, I’ll be very disappointed. More importantly, have you seen that man in scrubs?! Swoooooon!

A major diagnosis such as this understandably rocks the family to the core. From what we’re seeing, I’m going to assume Lydia is rather indifferent, while Alice is grief stricken.

I will say, however, I am loving the bag Kristen has in the stills. “I read banned books” is just brilliant to have on a bag. On my “to buy” list are both the Still Alice novel and that bag.

What do you think about the plot thus far? Do you think you’ll be seeing the film? Let us know in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

  1. Alice

    This looks like the kind of movie that Julianne Moore could win an Oscar for – looks really good just based on the cast and what I’ve heard about the plot so far (not going to read the book because I want the movie be a total surprise). Oh yeah, and Hunter Parrish in scrubs?!, there’s a perk.

  2. Dukgirl

    I’m so fucking excited,because this is my dream come true, Julianne and Kristen working together (My fav actresses) And it seems that this is a very emotional script,now I know why Kristen is in it hehehe ♥ Good to know that this movie is going to bring both, hot and professional actors on screen :D Can’t wait for the release date!!!!

  3. Gemma

    Cute picture of them laughing. I love this book. Although I kind of have to laugh at the title, when the pics used for the main article (and not the gallery) don’t show them being super emotional and only the gallery ones do.

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