Kristen Stewart And Charlize Theron Talk ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ At WonderCon [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron talked Snow White And The Huntsman at Wondercon this past weekend in Anaheim, CA, which opens June 1st.  Everyone has an idea of her. And there’s something nice about f***ing with that idea,” Theron said of playing the evil queen, hell bent on being the fairest in the land.  Bitch ain’t happy when she discovers that Snow White will not only ascend the throne instead of her, but she’s fairer.  Awww hell no.

Stewart, whose action-packed scenes were showcased in a special five-minute extended preview, admitted that she hurt herself.  Was it worth it, we wonder?  “I’ve always wanted to do a f—ing bad-ass action movie,” Stewart said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Check out the extended preview after the jump!