Kristen Bell Shows Off Her Giant Baby Bump [PHOTOS]

What’s better than super thin girls with giant baby bumps? Nothing! Which is why these photos of Kristen Bell and her baby bump are especially entertaining.

The blonde beauty was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (January 12) being super fancy and getting picked up by a limo driver. Guys, how come we’re not famous celebrities with limo drivers coming to pick us up?

You know, for the fact that Kristen and her boo Dax Shepard announced they were expecting in November, Kristen’s got one super big baby bump. Also, how cute does she look in that maxi, maternity dress? Love it. So when can we expect to see the pregnant lady on the big screen again?

Well, Kristen’s got two movies that are supposed to come out within the next year, and two more that she’s going to be working on. I mean, she’s gotta get on the movie making thing especially now that Gossip Girl is finished. She’s got a baby to provide for!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kristen and her baby bump. She’s quite a pretty pregnant lady. What do you guys think? Excited to see more of her in the movies? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!