Kris Allen Reacts To Becoming ‘American Idol’

When it was announced that Kris Allen had won over America with his sweet, unassuming voice, no one seemed more surprise than Kris himself. Allen said in disbelief, “It feels good, man, but Adam deserves this.”

During the final stages of the American Idol competition, Kris and fellow finalist Adam Lambert formed a special bond. Allen tells EW, “It was just like this closeness, you know? I don’t know what happened. I think we just felt each other’s energy, and it was nice. It just became this really good friendship.” I love that, considering most reality shows have at least one person declaring they’re “not here to make friends.”As for the look of shock on his face when he won, Kris explains, “For me, making it through each week–everyone is so talented, and, I don’t know, to make it through each week is crazy.” Well, now comes the hard part, kid, trying to sell albums.

Check out the studio version of Kris Allen’s first single “No Boundries” by clicking the continue reading link below.

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at the American Idol season 8 finale.