Kris Allen Puts Out A Controversial New Single

Speaking as literally the only person who doesn’t watch American Idol, my first reaction to this news went something like, ‘who?’  But if you are reading this article, chances are that you not only know who Kris Allen is, but you also like his style.  

I’ve learned from Entertainment Weekly that Kris Allen’s fans are pretty serious about their season 8 United States totem.  So much so, an unofficial and fairly tame Twitter protest has been underway regarding Kris’ new single, “The Truth.”

In an unbelievably long interview on the subject, Kris, who is seen here performing for 1,100 elementary student musicians for VH1’s Save the Music Foundation on May 6th in Indianapolis, reveals that the follow-up to “Live Like We’re Dying” was co-written by Train frontman, Pat Monahan, and one of the few songs on the album that wasn’t even partially penned by Kris.  The album version featured Kris’ vocals only, but the label added Pat’s vocals to the radio version for some added duet muscle.

Poor little pocket-Idol.  Not so, says Kris:

“The people I work with are really great. The people at 19 and the people at Jive have been great. I’m not gonna say there haven’t been things that have happened, some conflicts. Not bad stuff — I think it’s just general stuff that goes on between artists and labels or whatever. Questions that come up. I’m very new to this. But it’s really nice to have fans who care about you, who want you to be done right, and for the label and management to treat you right. I think they felt like I wasn’t being cared for and being respected. And I appreciate them worrying about that. But I feel like I am. I really do.”

I’m guessing it’s that kind of attitude that won Kris the American Idol crown and America’s hearts.

And those kids seem pretty damn excited to see him, too.  Except for the one with the cello.  He’s over it.  And possibly traumatized by Kris’ performance seizure faces.  Your eyes make excellent points, kid.