Kris Humphries Spotted Without His Wedding Ring, Moves Boxes Out Of Hotel [PHOTOS]

Kris Humphries was seen moving boxes out of the Manhattan hotel he and the wife shacked up at while filming Kourtney & Khloe Take New York yesterday (October 20th).  To add fuel to the fire, Humphries was sans a wedding ring a word is spreading that Kris and Kim Kardashian’s two month marriage is crumbling.

Kim, who turned 31 today, is headed to Marquee in Vegas this weekend to celebrate her birthday.  A source told the New York Post that “The show [“Kourtney & Kim Take New York”] is wrapping, so they all have been packing up. Kris is headed to Vegas with Kim for her birthday weekend.”

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After a day’s work of hard labor, Humphries headed to a nail salon to treat his piggies to a little R&R.  Gotta get those feet pretty should the NBA lockout end!

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