Kris Humphries Allegedly Called Kim Kardashian A “Fat Ass”

November 22nd, 2011 // 3 Comments

Oh jeepers.  The claws are coming out on both sides of Kris Humphries vs. Kim Kardashian.

Us Weekly released their latest issue with the cover, “Husband From Hell,” referring to Humphries’ shameful treatment of Kardashian.  Insiders tell the mag that the NBA player “tried to control Kim by bringing her down…He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

Allegedly Humphries belittled Kardashian in front of others and call her “stupid.”  And soon after the couple said “I Do,” Humphries started to party hard at clubs from Los Angeles to New York.  He’d demand bottle service, among other freebies, using his new status as Kardashian’s husband.

In October, Humphries acted like a single man at Liv in Miami (Kim was not with him).  One girl at the club even tweeted, “Dancing on [Humphries’] lap. . . . Best night of my life. . . . SORRY KIM.”  Humphries, it seemed, had no qualms about flirting with girls  “Kris was loving the attention and ‘cheers!’-ing with random girls,” a club source told the mag. “And the girls were bragging about dancing up on Kim’s man.”

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For now, Kardashian is laying low and relying on her family for support.  She even posted cute pictures of herself with Kourtney and Mason from New York City on her website last week.

Yeah, BTW Humphries-Sweet Louis Vuitton bag.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. jane

    Wow, what a bunch of spin from the K clan… I guess because socialitelife is in the celebuzz network, they have to act as a mouthpiece for this crap…it’s so stupid and transparent, though that we’re offended…This is obviously damage control. The Kardashians see their empire unraveling and will throw Kris under the bus to try to save it…The thing is Kim, even if what you are claiming (carefully leaking) here is true…It just makes you look like an even bigger irresponsible dip to have gotten yourself in such a situation. You call yourself a business woman but you obviously cannot make any sort of important decision…at all…I feel like I’m reading about a couple of 13 year olds her..not 2 adults.. People, sign the petition please! You know where to find it…

  2. ck

    Anyway they want to spin this..Kim is just a porn star who will never succeed in marrying or having a classy , intelligent man long term. She was married for 4 years to some low life rapper. She knows what marriage is about.

  3. MRCW

    She is FAT and STUPID and no one SHOULD care about her…what’s the big deal, he’s honest?! Kim is a POS who people need to STOP paying attention to. That whole klan has successfully become famous because Kim was peed on by a celebrity sibling. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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