Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami: Season Finale

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What was meant to be a fun-filled vacation “extended business trip” ended up being a sad-sack marathon of Kourtney-Scott droomz and the absence of Khloe (now that she’s all married and shiz).  I was hoping for a season of Kardashian nonsense.  Instead, I fluctuated between sadness and boredom.  Khloe was probably pushed into a second season of the KUWTD spin-off, even though she is a newlywed who should be putting in more time with her husband, since they’ve only know each other for under a year.  But the ratings were a-callin’ and Khloe reluctantly agreed.  It just didn’t jive this time.  Then there’s the deadweight baby, who doesn’t look a thing like Scott Disick.  That kid is all Kardashian.  I grew real tired, real fast of the fighting between Scott and Kourtney.  What drew her to Scott in the first place?  He’s immature and tres lame. 

So the finale rolled around and the viewers have had about enough of the fighting between Kourtney and Scott.  Let’s just watch the sisters duke it out, because that’s what we really enjoy.  I’d much rather watch the dynamic between Kim, Kourtney and Khloe (spotted here at the Teen Choice Awards with Lamar Odom and the young Jenner gals) than sit through a therapy session with Scott and Kourtney.  And the tears shed by Kourtney this season were too much.  She’s usually so apathetic and zoned out.  It’s like she’s on perma-PMS, and I don’t like it one bit.

Here’s hoping that the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is more about sh*tting on Kris Kardashian and less about the state of Scott and Kourtney’s relationship.  I’m ovah it.

Moving away from the dark cloud and onto fluffier items from the season finale:

Khloe holding Kourtney in the arm chair at Dash is just so cute.  I want to see more of this. I get a kick out of watching them gang up on Kim, who is such an easy target (and someone I relate to on a sibling level)

Hey there, Scott.  Lookin’ like a cashmere swab of cotton candy today, hmm?  And are those mustard or lime slacks?  A) Do you own a mirror? B) Did someone put a gun to your head and shout “Put on that cotton candy pink cashmere sweater with the lime green slacks or I’ll shoot!”

When did therapists allow cameras into sessions?  What happened to confidentiality?  Bethenny Frankel did the same thing on her series. 

Why doesn’t Khloe pursue a radio career in LA if she enjoys being on the air so much? Can’t Seacrest make that  happen?

Scott: “Look at how big you got, Mason!”  How long has it been since Scott has seen his kid?  Questions like that concern me.

By Kelly Lynch

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