‘Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami’ And 4 Other Shows I Desperately Miss [VIDEOS]

Yes, we have Keeping Up With The Kardashians to satisfy our Kardashian needs. But I so pressingly miss the time when Kourtney and Khloe were inseparable, Scott Disick went HARD, and Kourtney’s sexy lesbian (how could we forget that). Now, Kourtney and Scott are preoccupied with raising a child (which I completely understand and respect) and Khloe too is busy, being a basketball wife and all (again, props). We all have to grow up but sometimes I cannot help but wish to turn back the clock, and waste my days with the sisters on the beach of Miami.

Skins (UK) Generation 1

The generation where Sid lusted for Michelle, Michelle loved Tony, Tony had a head concussion, and Cassie would consistently say “um…like…wow” (and each time, I would immediately mimic her). It was perfect. Everything from the score so brilliantly picked by the show’s music supervisor to the elaborate party scenes I so desperately wanted to be apart of. The show is the epitome of reckless youth. 07′ and 08′ were prime teen angst years. (SIDENOTE, Cassie and Chris are in Game Of Thrones. Yet another reason why Game Of Thrones  is one of the best shows on television)

Gilmore Girls

This show legitimately influenced my music taste and taught me everything I needed to know about pop culture.  Lane was my music guru and Lorelai was my wit master. Now, I compensate with Abed from ‘Community’ (but I’m not complaining). Sometimes I find myself replaying the episodes at home (you bet I bought the complete series) just to catch up with my “Gilmore-isms”, see if I still get the allusions. Also I heard there was talk of a movie? WHAT? PLEASE SAY IT IS SO.


I learned everything I needed to know about the industry because of this show. Each character taught valuable lessons whether it was Drama, who spoke the word of perseverance, or Turtle, who spoke the word of throwing a kick ass party. And Ari, oh Ari Gold. He is definitely one of my favorite characters from ANY show. His entire exudes greatness. Thank you, Mark Wahlberg.

 Freaks And Geeks 

This show only lasted one season and I still do not understand why. The casting was remarkable, with faces like James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Lina Cardellini. When the channel The N (now called Teen Night) played back this old favorite, I nearly cried tears of joy! Jason Segel dancing to disco and James Franco in a leather jacket, all framed around music favorites like Styx’s “Come Sail Away”. You bet I miss this show.