Know Your Fans: Jon Secada Promotes Albums At Chippendale’s

I can’t even make this up. Probably a week ago I was talking with my friend about Jon Secada and how I couldn’t even name one of his songs, yet we both remembered him vividly – his existence, I mean. I kept trying to hear one of his songs in my head but when I started singing them aloud, they all turned out to be Sade. Well, I dare you to say you don’t remember this song.

So what’s Jon up to these days? Well, he showed up at Chippendale’s in Las Vegas to promote his new album Classics. He looks a little frightening to tell you the truth. A little too buff, like the past five years he’s been working at the Chippendale’s in order to pay for this album. But we won’t hate on Jon, who is 47.

Check out the gallery from his shameless and shirtless soliciting!