Kit Harington Is Suited Up And Looking Good For London Screening Of ‘Pompeii’

Hot man? Suit? Red carpet? Oh I am there!

So let’s all take a moment out of our day and enjoy ourselves some Kit Harington. The Game of Thrones star hit the red carpet in London today for a special VIP screening of his movie Pompeii. Wait, that already came out in the states, right? Clearly it had quite the splash if I can’t even remember it.

But that’s no problem, because more promotions give us more opportunities to stare at Kit. 

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Kit joked about how he told his agent “No more swords, no more horses… And maybe I can cut my f**king hair” when Game of Thrones is all over. GQ suggested a few hairstyles for him to try, but I’m not sure I’m into any of them. What about something short, like when Orlando Bloom had this great haircut.

I would be into that. Now imagine that with his suit. Perfection. Luckily he’s pretty perfect now even with the longer locks. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the screening. Let’s hope for more Kit hotness in the very near future.